Friday, December 28, 2012

Everyone is playing games online; well almost everyone. Our world is going down the proverbial toilet and these people are playing games and watching porn. Is that all that this existence means to most folks? I am sitting in a public library right now, and I am watching young and old people alike playing computer games. Is this the definition of being dumbed down by what your parents casually call your education? They say that you are what you think and eat, but really, are you? Can you watch yourself think? Who or what is it that is watching? Can you watch yourself do what ever it is that you are doing? Do you watch what you are doing with your thinking? So what is it that is doing the watching. What is it that is aware of what you are thinking? Is it your own thinking that is aware of your thinking? Watching your self think without thinking about it is called meditation. It is much more interesting than playing games, and it is a tool that can be used to make the world a better place for everyone. So instead of just playing games, let's all meditate on the mess we have gotten this planet, and the life on it, into!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Political nut bags abound in American politics too!

The American people need to distance themselves from these political kooks, right now, before they take this country, and you and I, over the fiscal cliff with them. Actually, this fiscal cliff should be renamed as the fiscal bus that these political nutbags are throwing our economy, and you and I, under!  Anyone who tries to swim out into that great, polluted, filthy, river of politics and save these drowning idiots, criminals, etc., is going to be taken down with them! The democratic party isn't doing a heck of a lot better; they are flailing all over the place in political deep water that is also way over their heads. Let's face it folks, both party's have turned traitor against the American people in the last 30 years or so. Neither party is our friend anymore, and both parties are out, in full force, hunting unions down and killing them because they make the American worker too powerful. Our government, and both party's, have become the friend of the wealthy and the corporation. These same elected republican's and democrat's vote everyday to spend trillions of our dollars on war, on rebuilding other nations, and not one little bit on our infrastructure. If we don't jump out of the pot now, as a nation, when we finally do jump it will be straight into the fire.

"Were supposed to be carrying out laws"

"I head up the executive branch. Were supposed to be carrying out laws"  Now isn't that about the biggest joke you ever heard? Obama's carrying out the law when it comes to prosecuting the poor and the middle class, and blacks and Mexicans, for anything short of jay walking or spitting on the sidewalk, but the rich and powerful, and especially the banksters, or anyone having anything to do with 1.9 billion in legal fines without anyone ever going to jail, and I could bring up other crimes much bigger than smoking pot...go totally unpunished! Do as I say and not as I do, it didn't work when I was a kid and it won't work now! I live in Washington state, have for the last 50 years, and I have been harassed to damn near death by the police over a little green herb. Now we vote it in, and isn't the vote so important when it does not matter, and these power hungry tyrants tell us we might not be able to even do that. Remember the story about the frog in the pot, on the stove, and someone turns on the heat? When, if ever, will the frog notice he's being cooked and leap out? Well folks, we, as American's are being put in exactly that same pot, and if we don't do something, now, to preserve our rights and freedoms, we won't have any!...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Right to work laws turn on Unions

It is silly for people to think that this right to work legislation has anything to do with more jobs, or better jobs, or more competition; when in fact it has everything to do with more profits and less wages and responsibility to any workers unlucky enough to be hired by these corporate/governmental slot machines. There is just no way to deal with any party who has decided that your rights, and your welfare, do not matter. When wealthy people, and corporation's, like this become powerful enough, they will come and hunt your wealth and property down, and use their wealth, power, and their cronies in the government to make you a criminal. Capitalism is a total farce when your ability to participate in the capitalist system has been removed because you have failed. A system that depends upon the failure of the majority....,and we are provide wealth and power to the winners of this rigged game, is exactly what we have let them build in our back yards. Our government has become a lose/lose situation!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our police have become enforcers for the rich!

Statistics show that it is a misnomer to call these uniformed gangs with guns, and various other weapons and equipment, as the police. They do not police anymore! These uniformed gangs are properly called 'ENFORCERS! To compel observance of or obedience to...the wealthy and powerful. To impose a kind of behavior upon the citizens, and to give force to, or reinforce the force of, the wealthy and order to keep them in power. They say that the police are used by the state to preserve order, but it is the order of the oligarch, the rich man, the powerful, that is actually being protected. You and I really don't matter in their big picture; in fact we are the problem!  The citizen being the problem makes sure that their enforcers will always protect their extreme wealth and power over the rights and freedoms of the citizens. The wealthy see us as their enemy, which is why they use their hired political hounds to attack us when they are in office, and remove our rights and what ever else they can!

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's a strange universe in here!

Does anyone really think that all of the information about this universe we live in is already known? To declare the truth of the matter to be one way, or the other, indicates a severely closed mind on the subject. I will admit that the evidence does appear to be slim to non-existent, but the same kinds of problems happen all of the time in various fields, like High Energy Physics, and they don't just throw their hands in the air and claim that they know all of the answers because they have found none. The question of whether we are alone in the universe has not been answered yet. Scientist's are researching and spending billions on the search for life on other planets...why, if there is nothing out there would we even try? Answering a question this profound will test the ultimate claim of humanity, and that question is...are we intelligent?

Friday, December 7, 2012

In a world without words nothing does not exist!

Change always takes time but change is not time itself. The perception of now is fundamental to observation. Language is fundamental to perception.The language of observation is the language of change because observation, even the observation of no change, takes time. The end of time wouldn't even allow for total entropy to exist. Without time, no observation can be made. Without observation, no time would be created and entropy does, indeed, come to us via the wonders of observation.  What also comes via observation, as we observe ourselves using language.
You will not understand gravity until you understand time, You cannot understand time until you understand observation.
The body is going to die, but the material it is composed of is never going to cease to exist. At least its constituent matter will continue on in some way. Is this a measure of immortality?
Many folks seem to think that without language, nothing would exist, but because nothing is a word, and a part of language, without language the observation of nothing could not exist.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

US politician's love Israel

Israel and the US against the world! It sure seems that way sometimes. Can Israel do anything wrong in the eyes of the powerful politician's in the US  (it does not look like it)? If it were put to a vote, I am quite sure the senate and the House would gladly, and instantly, with an overwhelming majority, vote Netanyahu in as president and throw Obama, and the American people, under the wheels of the oligarch's bus. (they have already accomplished the latter half)  The US military has become the body guard of the Israeli, right wing, nut jobs! The American people need to see what their country is doing  through the eyes of the rest of the people of the world. We, the people, need that feedback to keep our nation a democracy, and stop its terrorizing of the rest of the world.
Many of the problems of our world have been caused by the US interfering in other people's business.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Global warming is all of us!

Wasn't it President Obama who, during the campaign, admitted to having built enough pipeline to circle the globe? Hasn't he opened up the Arctic to drilling, even though the oil giants are having trouble with the hostile environment. Has Obama taken nuclear power off of the table as an alternative? Isn't it true that he is still touting the economic and environmental gains promised by 'clean coal'? Which, by the way, does not exist! Which direction are we moving as far as completing the 'Tar Sands' go...just ask Bill McKibben. Global warming...Climate change, call it what you will, is a fact we are going to have to deal with. Global warming is not Obama's fault, any more than it is your fault or mine; it is all of our faults..together, and together is how we will make it better or worse. The buck should stop, when it comes to global warming, on everybody's desk that is in the least bit responsible for it. Global warming/climate change is a global problem that will not be dealt with appropriately by blaming the other. We are all in this together!

Monday, November 5, 2012

America feels like a third world country to me when I consider the great gap between those who live in poverty and the wealthy and powerful few. You would think that the wealthy and the government they run would consider the people who inhabit this world with them as human also, as worthy of aid.
After Katrina, which destroyed the old city of New Orleans, we have had Irene, and super storm Sandy, and who knows what kind of weather will descend upon us next? The East coast of the US has been destroyed by these storms. Should the rest of the country not escape the crush of climate change, will we even have a continent to live on, or just a bunch of islands surrounding the largest, and most toxic, waste dump ever seen on the planet?

Goodbye, forever, green planet earth, in your glory you ruled the heavens.
finally your time has come to die!
In my mind you're alive,
I'll remember
the blue green of life that you spread around.
I promise green earth
I will not forget.
At least until I'm dead.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1st off, let it be known, if it is not already well understood, that Republicans cannot react rationally to anything. Since the evidence we need to choose a candidate has devolved to guessing, based on which one has promised the most, and lied the least (we hope); and what we guess, and what they promise, are thrown out with the bathwater after the election, how can we ever rationally predict what these paid for examples of criminal negligence are going to deliver..if anything at all but mayhem? When you see the bridge you are on is collapsing, you either do something about it, or go down with the structure that didn't support you. Our election system puts the very monsters in office, in the very positions we complain about, because the wealthy have control of it. Either we fix it and start dealing with the issues, as a nation, or....more and more of the stupidity and lawlessness we have seen displayed so far will grace our news programs!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Union Busting every where!

This is what we can expect when ever we try to form a union. It is going to remain this way until we can get the union busting republican/tea party, the crazy mad hatters, out of office; or at least in the minority. Because we have an anti union federal government right now, the law is easily used by union busters, and illegal employer actor's, to harass and intimidate workers trying to improve wages and working conditions. This is a direct result of corporate laws making it impossible for the corporations themselves to allow workers rights. They have rigged the game against the workers and the consumers. We need to get rid of corporate law before it destroys us. These corporations must be made to exist for other things besides profits, like being good for the environment and the workers! Corporations have written their laws to be above the laws we made for ourselves, and above the reasons we founded this country, which is why those corporate laws are doing so much damage to our nation and our environment.
Last night, Mitt Romney said he was going to turn this company around. Is he going to fire all of us in order to do it?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Republican War against Women

When I hear the republican crazies spout their vitriol I am reminded of the angry god of the old testament. An angry, loud, POWERFUL, WHITE,  MALE, god...who didn't like anyone! What ever was done to these right wing folks to cause them to hate women so much must have been done at a very early age, and then continued for a long, long, time. Their rhetoric shows that they completely lack the ability of a first year law student to research out a subject and find out what is true. They can only believe what they have been told, which makes sense to them, because this is how they were taught to learn in the first place. All of the information that years of science has brought to the fore front of medicine about women and childbirth are as nothing to these idiots compared to what they were taught to believe in their bible. That is an astounding fact!
This kind of rhetoric will turn a majority of women away from supporting the republican party, and I believe a majority of level headed men also. There are many men who consider women to be their equals or better. I am one of them, and I am damn proud of it!
My mother approves of this message.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Religious Rights Aiken Heart

Religion, like stupid politicians, has caught on because you only have to believe their claptrap. Facts can be real buggers and get in the way of a well honed lie. Facts can sometimes be very difficult to come up with also, so the right wing wing nuts have just decided among themselves that the facts just don't have to matter. If you make it up, and say it is in the bible, we will believe you. That's their motto. Akin was just spouting the rhetoric that is going around in circles in most of these retards gray matter. That's why he has the balls to utter such nonsense. Aiken knows that the right wing nut jobs are very suspicious of anything science might have to say about women's reproductive parts, and how it all works, so he throws out as much alpo for the hungry hounds as he can, and just keeps blowing on that charmed dog whistle of his. I don't think it's working to well though, because the cows have come home to roost. That's the problem with dog whistles!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Israel's leaders are deranged!

We are seeing what goes through the mind of a deranged person, or group of deranged people, when their beliefs over ride the facts they are assessing. When the facts outweigh the beliefs, the beliefs are just made stronger and the facts ignored more often. The hysteria that is caused by this belief induced fear has been an important factor in the motivations of high level Israeli political figures in even considering a war with Iran. I see Israel's leading lights as being very suicidal with their nation's health right now. These machinations we are witnessing are merely the inner conversations of those deranged leaders that are urging the nation over the edge, into a catastrophe, which they full well know war always is. Hopefully, the people, and a saner mind set for the leaders, will prevail before all hell breaks loose. Just remember that Iran is not Palestine or Lebanon. It is a powerful nation. If the US gets pulled into this it will become a conflagration we will not soon forget. War is never the answer. Any intelligent nation knows this to be true. 
So why don't they act like war is always a losing proposition? That's where the deranged part comes in!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Criminals and the Political Stage

With all of the criminals running around the American political spectrum, are we sure the oligarch's in charge don't have room for at least one more? To see Paul Ryan as a crisis remedy when it has been his, and other insane republican's, ideas and votes that have driven us over the precipice, have created the crisis, shows the amount of double speak the Romney campaign and the Republican party, in general, will speak to get elected to office: and the amount of double speak the American voting public will suck up as true because of our complicit in these crimes, funky, horrible, unable to tell any truth, national media. It is unconscionable and unethical, which states in full the best qualifications that either Romney or Ryan brings to the table.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The 1%'s new laws against democracy!

The police are taking over the world! We are heading straight down the path towards totalitarianism in the United States and Canada. We have allowed our constitution to be bought and changed by the wealthy and the corporations. New laws are being crafted in order to keep our democratic rights chained up. New rules and regulations are made and passed by the oligarch's that put more people in jail in order to promote private prison systems, which are being used to imprison prisoner's of political disagreement. The wealthy just want to lock up everyone but their own persons so that we are no longer a bother to them. The people are like flies at the big picnic that is being held by the wealthy and powerful, and they are using the police to swat those flies.
 The definition of democracy has been changed by the lawyer's who work for the wealthy to mean what the wealthy want democracy to mean. It is for this reason that political dissent is now seen as illegal and criminal; the meaning of democracy has been changed to only apply to the wealthy and those in power. The rest of us are now in a new class of what the wealthy call 'non persons'.
 When the 1% feels threatened they sick their pigs on the people regardless of what they are attempting to do. With the new 1%er laws, everything that the people will do to try and improve their situation is now against those new 1% laws. We are no longer allowed by law to speak out about how we feel about what is happening in this country. Just us equals the 1%!
 Free Pussy Riot!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On the Insanity of Voting

If our vote does not get stolen in the localities where we vote, or by electronic voting machines programmed by crooks, it will certainly be lost when the electoral college, or our now political Supreme court, plays its silly games. We sure do spend an awful lot of money electing these idiots to office to not be getting any help (what so ever) on deciding the issues that divide us. After we elect these folks they are supposed to represent all of us, not just the rich. It has become obvious that the issues we face as a people, and as a nation, don't mean diddly squat to the oligarch's we put in charge of our wealth and our why do we keep on doing the same stupid thing and expecting it to turn out differently folks? How come? Is it because the American people are insane that we keep on doing the very definition of what insanity means?
The issues, not the personalities, are what we need to be voting on. You cannot have a democracy that is driven by the oligarch's. What you get instead is a country that looks and works just like a corporation. The USA inc.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tax Wall street !

Ah, the oligarch's, back in the news again. They are keeping the unemployment rate right where it will do its most damage to the American economy. Full employment will give the workers too much power, and too high wages, as far as they are concerned. History does  back up their fears, and all oligarch's know that they must fear an enlightened citizenry. We do need to start a nation wide social movement to tax Wall Street. We pay taxes on what we make and spend and so should the oligarch's. We need full employment, and we will not get that until we build our bargaining power as citizen's. Until we have a justice system that prosecutes criminal actions regardless of wealth or power we will be in their control. Our government will not do these things unless all of the citizen's push them to do these things.

Monday, August 13, 2012

An Honest Bank? On Romney and Ryan!

Are there any reasonable or responsible banks left? If absolute power corrupts absolutely, just how much corruption will be caused by absolute wealth when it is in a position of extreme political power? Is there any real difference between the wealth of the powerful and the power of the wealthy? If there is not much difference, or none at all, then we need to protect our institutions and our democracy from the corruptions that both power and wealth hold so dear to their hearts. I think all American's can truly say that this corruption is what we have been seeing in our political structures for quite a long time now! It is nothing but political nonsense to listen to the crazy plans that the wealthy want to institute to destroy our economic and political futures.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Jim Crow and the Georgia Prison hunger strike

Brutal crackdown on prisoner's who protest intolerable conditions. Almost all, if not all, of these prisoners are black! This is a Jim Crow jail in a Jim Crow state! It is a damn concentration camp for black people!  We need folks to come in from the outside world, honest, compassionate, people,  to shine a bright lite on the monsters who are doing this under the fake guise of a corrections department and let the whole world see it. We complain when this is done to animals like dogs and cats, and we should be complaining loudly about what these fake corrections officers, in their dungeons of torture, are doing to human beings like you and I. The people who run our prisons and jails have turned into hateful monsters when it comes to the citizens of this foul police state we inhabit today!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lies of the 1%

Our big, nasty, government is of the 1%, by the 1%, and for the 1%, and it is insane, absolutely and totally, doubly insane, for the American people to expect that those they elect to federal government offices, like our presidents, will do anything other than push and fight as hard as they can for the 1%'s goals of world wide military and energy domination. War with Iran, or regime change, is all about the ruling 1% getting their hands on the oil and other natural resources in the ground there. War is just our governments way of telling the American people to either like it, or lump it, or when you protest we will use violent force against you to shut you up about your stupid democracy! Freedom to the 1% means that they, as the government, as the 1%, are free to use much violence, oppress, destroy, lie, cheat, or steal., without fear of any get their greedy, filthy, money sucking ways. This is not government in action, this is a farce against the American people that is being perpetrated by the 1% on their privately owned media stage of lies, lies, and more lies.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The conservative folks that I talk to are in a tremendous panic about the Obama Presidency. Were talking about being in full fight or flight mode, ready to attack any liberal that dares speak or act. Isn't this panic what is causing them to start all of the name calling and negative ads? It is an 'amygdala hijack' for sure. How can the republican, conservative, party make good decisions regarding the future of our democracy, and the futures of the people in this country when they are suffering from such political 'road rage'? How can you run a campaign that is funded by all of the entities, corporate and otherwise, that want to deregulate democracy for the increased wealth and prosperity of the privileged few and still think you are convincing the general voter that you even have them in your plans as any thing other than a write off! It points directly to the wealthy's ability to be able to influence the outcome of the Electoral College shenanigans that take our vote away every presidential election. We need to bring the vote back to the people and make voting a constitutional right. Get rid of the electoral college crap and allow the citizens to vote on the issues, not a bunch of crazy rich personalities who think they need to be king.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Citizen's disjointed by 'Citizens United'

It would seem that this ruling, that corporations are people, and that money is speech, did a lot more than just drown out our political voices! Money being speech in our completely unequal world is more like being in a tiny swimming pool when an giant elephant does a cannon ball into the water besides you! You get blown completely out of the pool by the giant waves, if not just crushed to the bottom. With money as speech, there is no room left for most of us within their very expensive political process. The top 400 richest people have more of a right to speak politically, or any other way, than the bottom 150 million poor people. To call America a democracy with this kind of political regimen in place is totally absurd and verges on the definition of insanity instead! It proves, beyond any doubt, that democracy has been 'drowned in that proverbial bathtub' already! The newspapers were paid to not print the news that We, the People, had been 'thrown out with the bathwater'!

Getting Money out of Politics. Is it Possible?

 When the rule of law becomes a tool that the wealthy use to oppress the people using government regulations and laws made possible by their wealth and their influence on our political processes, and to excuse themselves for their crimes, then, in fact, it has become a tool of government oppression!

   Anyone who has a stake in capitalizing on their honestly earned wealth and power, in our present oligarchical system, will find their need to change this corrupt system quite pressing because it is so corrupt to all but the 1% that those who wish to remain honest brokers of the law, in business and finance, cannot succeed unless this wealthy and powerful strangle hold is released.

  What do we mean by 'getting money out of politics? Is it even possible? Is greed an instinct?

   Those who scream that we must follow strong leaders are the first to vote for a dictatorial state.

    Right wingers just cannot shake their beliefs hard and long enough to get far enough away to inspect them for any accuracy at all.

    The republican's have spent the last 3 plus years working to elect Romney while the citizen's of this country and their important issues were totally ignored, if not worked completely against, when ever the President worked to fix them?

    We need to repaint that zig-zagging Party line that barely runs down the middle of our political road. The stripe needs to be applied way to the left of the present day democratic party, lump all of the Blue Dogs and hawks in with all the politically conservative right wingers that they really are, and move real liberals onto the progressive side of the road with a new party name. All of those politicians who feel that we must conserve the old political system are obviously conservative.
    We are not going to make any progress with our present system until we clear out the train wreck that is blocking the road and get at least one lane moving; the only lane that has ever moved. That way we get to keep our 2 party system. We can call them the progressive party and the backward party!

    You really can't be an independent, or a democrat, or even a true republican, if you are an elitist. Not even the law matters if you are an elitist; as only wealth and power turn your head.

The definition of 'impossible' would be humanity using language to create any social state that did not end up in war.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Trusted Police

They are not our police. They are the police protectors of the elite, criminal, democracy and freedom wrecking, crew of rich banksters and politico's who have turned traitor to the people for a lot of money and dictator style power. They are our enemy dressed up in military hardware, sporting military weapons, and attacking the people, women, children, babies, chalk users, for anything the rich and powerful want them to attack us for. They are a specially trained, specially brainwashed, squad of goons who excel at accomplishing their owners heinous objectives..It is totally dangerous, and socially insane, to even consider yourself safe when these weapons wielding, trained chimps, are on a rampage for their psychopathic owners. They are using the tactics, and the very play books, of despots like Mussolini, Hitler, Assad, and many, many more!
The American people want justice!   Ha, what you're gonna get is incinerated in your homes if you get too far out of line with these characters. They have big weapons, many soldiers, and they mean business! Take a close look at what is happening in Syria right now and you will see a fine example of just how far our dear leaders will also go!

Going after the criminals

Come on folks, and thank you Bill Moyers;  all of our elected, and almost all of our appointed, are bought and paid for.  Those who are in the highest and most important positions, like judges for sure, are just the ones who require much more secrecy, and loads of cash, when you buy them out. The money and power is all they are in there for. Look at the record of politics destroying our unions, our wages, our environment, our freedoms, and allowing any corporation who pays them off the legal right to do the same in the name of capitalism and debauchery. When those we have elected to office are acting criminally then how can we expect those same criminals to police the corporate and banking criminals? They won't regulate them, they will let them succeed and emulate them. This is what we have seen. And what we are also seeing is their incredible power able to turn our police against the non violent protesting of the very citizens these criminals have just ripped off! We are going to have to jail all of them, and get all of them out of positions of power, or we are never going to see the end of this. Let's quit talking about it and throw the bums in jail. I keep forgetting that the police are on the side of the criminals. It gets harder from here on.

The Police: Friends of the Wealthy, Enemy of the Poor

  Our police have been brain washed by the elite ruling class to believe that those same elite are to be protected from the actions of the people when the people take actions like protesting against obvious criminality within the ranks of the same elite ruling class.
 This is what our police are routinely used for now. Pogroms against political activists, and political action groups, that end up with those same political activists/groups being arrested, imprisoned, and in general terms just being treated like criminals. This is especially heinous when these actions are taken using much violence against peaceful, non violent, protesters.
 Outright lies, illegal and immoral deceptions, coupled with felonious criminality on the part of our political elites has allowed those of extreme wealth to invade our government, and replace our elected representatives with their paid cronies and filthy, sociopathic, yes men!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Activism, protest, and your dictatorial stealing of my democracy...or, when representatives lie!

Once a corrupt politician gets into office it can become very, very, difficult; very difficult indeed , to uncover any wrong doing, regardless of how heinous those wrong doings might be on their part. It does happen that they are occasionally caught, but it is a very rare event indeed. Graft and corruption, especially of our election laws, have become the hallmark of politics and political endeavors in general, although there are some who refuse to go down this treasonous and treacherous path (I think). There are many elected who would not protest, or speak up, even when they know their counterparts are doing illegal/improper things; they will stick up, and lie, for their buddies because in the end it might just make them some more money or build some more of that wonderful power that they love so much. It's either that or they are being black mailed by one of their counterparts across the aisle because they know something valuable and are willing to trade their secrets for more power, or more campaign money. Becoming a politician in this country has become the venue of the wealthy, powerful, extremely popular, and super venal; and that is for a purpose also! Obfuscation and confusion always reign supreme in politics. Like magic, they keep you hypnotized by their bullshit rituals and titles so high and mighty.
You just cannot have the stupid people, the common citizen, and especially women, meddling in the affairs of those who, since they have become elected, know everything about anything. It seems that by merely being elected they are raised to the pinnacles of genius also, or so might those well deserving Nobel laureates ( I am exempting Milton Friedman from this because he was pure evil) think who have been turned down for positions in administration's they are incredibly well suited for, and turned down just so that our greedy little elected bastards can gum up the gears of democracy enough to make themselves, and their lobbyist cronies, filthy fracking rich! That is what getting elected is really all about for many of them; greed and avarice, oh, and let's not forget POWER!.
Oh, no, we would not fix elections; but that is what the whole election cycle in American politics is all about. The wealthy and powerful have bought the electronic media, and the newspapers, which allows the wealthy to fix the outcome of the election, any election, beforehand, by talking about everything but what is important and misrepresenting any thing that is true as false. Oh, and spending a billion dollars doing it! This is why capturing the media is so awfully important to their goals. You cannot fool most of the people most of the time unless you control the complete flow of information to their minds and bodies. This is why they are now attacking the world wide web and the internet capabilities of regular voters. Just like any coup , scheme, or scam, you have got to keep the people you are trying to rule thinking that you mean something, and are doing something, entirely different until it is too late for them to react correctly. Presto Change o, and shazam....Then you lower the boom on their asses!
It is, again, a sad state of affairs when those in elected office are able to change the definition of a Governor, who is a representative of his state's people, to that of a powerful dictator (like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, Alabama and Georgia, now have, among many) who attacks certain segments of the working population; voter registration, unions, free speech, Negroes, Mexicans, etc., so as to weaken or destroy their political power, just like their philosophical buddy Hitler did in Germany.
Democracy cannot withstand treason from within its ranks like this. This is a weakness that must be understood before democracy is attacked from within again. Attacking the power base of the people, while in elected office, is a reasonable definition of treason against democracy and the people of our country, let alone their own elected office! It is obviously true that they are trying to change our democratic government to an oligarchical one! And we are at war to boot, and acts like our representatives are performing while we are at war and Americans are dying in battle are surely at least a transgression of the laws we follow as a people!
But, alas, there will only be a few elected representative who will be able to do anything about this sad state of affairs because they are either all in this together or are kept from supporting the people's view by powerful adversary’s. It will have to be the people who put their feet down on this one!
Our political representatives can no longer accomplish what they were elected for by we the people. Many now have an agenda which has been set in place, and built, by those of wealth, power, and, frankly, extreme political stupidity! You have to admit that it is stupid to destroy a country as great as the USA out of pure greed! But.... They have committed themselves so completely that withdrawing from their entrenched positions will only leave a vacuum strong enough to suck them back in to the crimes they have committed again, and again, for their own wealth and the downfall of our democratic republic. They are stuck in the mud and mire of their own ideologies and beliefs, and there is no one person to save their funky asses from what they have done to this country. What they have done and are doing right now is a crime against humanity and they deserve to face the full force of our laws, just like you or I would, and either go to prison or face a stiff, harsh, monetary penalty !
Answer me this one question if you think you can. Since democracy as it was originally defined, as being of the people, by the people, and for the people, is so important to those supposedly inalienable rights the constitution provided us as we the people...then just who is supposed to stand up for democracy if it is not we the people? Who really knows what democracy means? Answer me that one question according to our constitution and bill of rights if you can! Democracy is of, by, and for the people, and it therefor must be protected by their actions in public! It is undemocratic, to say the least, to stop the citizens of this country from protesting, and fighting if they must, to get their country, and their democracy, back in their control!
What you have been witnessing in this country is the silencing of democracy using police repression and political deceit. This is exactly how all of the country's ever overrun by despots and dictators were taken down. It is all done by wealth and power under the guise of justice for all, but their all does not include anyone but those who administer the laws, the wealthy, and the military. Those who fight for the country and enforce the laws are considered cannon fodder also. And in secret, the citizen, to tell you the truth, is always seen as the problem when the wealthy and powerful take over the reigns of government. It is their trademark act, to remove all of the information, power, and wealth, from those they rule in order that they not be able to fight back against their ruler's extremism. Then they enslave and destroy them for more wealth and power, and blame them for the ills of their insane world. It is very much like a hostile takeover in the corporate realm.
Attacking and destroying the power base of the citizens of this country is not the action of democracy, or of democratically elected representatives who care about their constituents, or their future, but are the actions of tyrants, super capitalist's, who need to be removed from power immediately and tried, by the people, for their offenses against this country and its constitution and for the inhabitants of the rest of the world as well.
American democracy has become a carnival, a circus of rides, meant to cause you to think that you are enjoying yourself when in reality the situation you are in is totally out of your control, and at the mercy of the operators, the whole time..
After the carnage of World War 2, we, and the people of the civilized world, developed laws that governed the acts of those in power when atrocities are committed, but our leading political lights, like GWB, or Obama, repealed them so that they would not have to stand trial for their heinous and inhumane decisions! The laws regarding torture were thrown out to allow our misguided and misled elected leaders to accomplish the same things that those before them were considered inhuman and monstrous for attempting to do to a people!
This is the very definition of absolute power corrupting absolutely! Were it not for their most terrible deeds, and their almost habitual lying, how could we ever think that these people we elected could do these things? Did it occur to you while you were voting, or not voting, that these folks we elected were going to trash everything our constitution and Bill of Rights stands for just because they can? Did it occur to any of you while you were voting that democracy is just a baby in this world and that it needs to be watched very closely that it is not taken advantage of or hostage? I thought not! When democracy lies down with lazy believers fascism is usually the baby.
It seems very self evident that what we are dealing with (the destruction of our democracy) has to do with how lawyers do their business. What are the first three letters in lawyer and what does that imply for how the laws of our land are seen, and conducted, and defined. Lawyers are judges, and lawyers are politicians, and lawyers sit on our supreme law in America, which includes the definitions of all of those important terms and statements, is left up to the lawyers to decide the definition of.
I am not, in the least, trying to say that all lawyers, everywhere, are dishonest or unethical; but what I am showing you is how deeply entrenched this profession is in the decisions regarding our freedoms, and our laws, and the very definitions we use to define our liberty
Lawyers work for pay, and usually the most that they can get if they are well known as a winning attorney. The wealthy can always buy the best attorneys and that is why they almost always win.
The wealthy literally own their own law firms. How many of our elected and appointed officials in this country are an attorney, or are in the legal fields in one manner or another? When the administration of the law was taken out of the hands of the common man and made the palace of the wealthy and their attorneys a lot was lost in the definitions of democracy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Can  a Coup Happen in the USA?

Can our military leaders get rid of (remove from office) our elected political leaders if they (the top brass) think those same elected political leaders do not represent the country correctly, or are putting it at extreme risk? Quite obviously, the military leaders would not want to be seen doing this in public, because a show of power like this would send an ominous message to the American citizens. But it does seem to be the main reason for the many military coups we see around the globe...The military dissatisfied with civilian rule, dissatisfied with their treatment from the country's elected leaders, other situations, and can it happen here?
When you look at what is happening in Syria, among many countries, today, it becomes possible to contemplate having a military that is so out of touch with the people it protects, due to various reasons, that they would be able to destroy their own cities, infrastructure, and families, because they were ordered to by their superiors. What else can account for the atrocities that we are witnessing in Syria, Egypt, Haiti, and many other countries today; atrocities being done to them by members of their own society and their own family; by a military that is supposed to be protecting them from this kind of thing,..and all because they were ordered to do so? When your son or daughter joins the military, it isn't a normal thing to have to contemplate the fact, and it is a fact now, that their training may turn you into the enemy if their superiors so decide. It is a sobering thought indeed! Was it any difference with the Hitler Youth?
What will the soldier in uniform think, and how will they respond to orders that put them on the streets of their own home towns, in an adversarial position; against their own family's, friends, school mates, lovers, possibly, or in some other city or town somewhere in the USA? Does our all volunteer military recruit the kind of individual that will perform these kinds of inhumane, violent, military actions against their own people for pay? Is ours a true mercenary military now?
Once the military gets to a certain size, a size somehow relevant to the size of the population it protects, those who are the leaders of said military start acting like they were elected, or are now CEO's of private corporations. Their position becomes a job to them. The citizens become the obvious problem...and, They no longer see themselves as serving their country, but now see it as working for the 1% from who they procure the almighty dollar. Regardless of your job, be it a military man, or a banker...”power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Lord Akron Is this what happens when an individual or a group becomes so very powerful?
As unpleasant of a thought as this can produce in our minds, it is still something we need to look at and contemplate. We need to ask the important questions, like has our military become a tool for the 1% to be able to steal the wealth of other nations and the wealth of our own citizens? With the largest and most powerful military in the world, are we, the people, still able to control that awful, and most powerful, weapon?
It does not look like control over our military is anything we have ever had as a people! Our military has always been in the control of the 1%. When they turn their guns on the 1% then the military will be in complete control.
Isn't that how coups always work out?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Citizen's Fight to the finish for Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The recent story about the 70 year old Pharmacist, in Greece, who committed suicide because he lost his pension and did not want to end his life digging in dumpsters and trash cans, for food among other things, hits home for those of us living on Social Security, and Medicare, and food stamps. Most of us living on the edge like this, mainly seniors, mom's with children, young homeless men, ex-criminals, and those with severe disabilities, know first hand just how fickle and out of touch with the reality we face that our representatives, governors, and federally elected officials, like the president, can be. They claim they must look at the bigger picture, but that bigger picture they look at isn't the real picture, but one painted (totally constructed from polls) by their advisers and ministers; who, it can be truly said...cannot see beyond their next lobbying job and the money folded in their wallets and hidden in their off shore accounts. And We, the people, are not in that picture except as indentured serfs to the ancient, wealthy, 1%! Our only real value, or worth, is given to us because, as the pundits so proudly proclaim, we are the consumers of the crap they produce! Could they get their wealth from some where else but serving the working people...(like selling America's manufacturing to China and India, and don't forget Korea)..they would gladly starve us to death just to be rid of us! If it sounds familiar, it is because it has been American corporate/government policy for years. We, the people, with our stupid rights and constitution, are just a democratic nuisance that needs to be removed! And these advisers/pundits/lobbyists also get their information, which they then give as advice to our leaders, from the very groups, (think ALEC), corporations, and other wealthy nations (Saudi's) that want to destroy our freedoms and our ability to chart our own democratic course!
I feel about as helpless as that 70 year old pharmacist did in Greece on that fateful day! BUT, I am not going to blow my own brains out for the actions of a cabal of wealthy family/nation wreckers. I mean, really, what have I done that I should punish myself in such a terrible way for the schemes and criminal activities of the filthy rich? That is exactly the mind set that these oligarch's want me/us to adopt. No Way!
Democracy is to important to just leave to the whims of the wealthy and powerful. I will dive in those dumpsters so that I, and democracy, can survive and flourish once again! I will occupy, and I will march, and I will protest, and I will “Keep My Eye on the Prize” until we overcome these social problems! This is a fight that started so many years ago, and it must not end; it must never end, and everyone knows that “Democracy cannot protect itself” without this constant vigil by the citizen's themselves. It is going to take much more than angry police, with guns, and pepper spray, and combat gear, and tanks, etc. to stop me from bringing democracy back to this nation!
I will not self destruct in the face of your onslaught!
You are going to have to kill me yourself!
I will not do it for you!
I will not sit on the sidelines while you destroy my liberties!
I will practice direct democracy!
I will occupy!
I will protest!
You tell me that if I do not obey your rotten laws that you will imprison or kill me
and that if I do obey your rotten and miserable laws that you will starve me to death.
I have learned much that you cannot get from your advisers and pundits...
so just where do we go from here?