Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1st off, let it be known, if it is not already well understood, that Republicans cannot react rationally to anything. Since the evidence we need to choose a candidate has devolved to guessing, based on which one has promised the most, and lied the least (we hope); and what we guess, and what they promise, are thrown out with the bathwater after the election, how can we ever rationally predict what these paid for examples of criminal negligence are going to deliver..if anything at all but mayhem? When you see the bridge you are on is collapsing, you either do something about it, or go down with the structure that didn't support you. Our election system puts the very monsters in office, in the very positions we complain about, because the wealthy have control of it. Either we fix it and start dealing with the issues, as a nation, or....more and more of the stupidity and lawlessness we have seen displayed so far will grace our news programs!

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