Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The language of argument

We must all use the tools that government (state, federal, and local) has in place to create the wealth that we then use to survive and flourish. That is true unless those tools are unavailable, or not affordable, due to a failure of the economy to provide an equal (reasonably so) avenue to approach wealth creation. The more wealth that you accumulate, the more wealth you have to use in our economy to create more wealth. It is OUR ECONOMY, or the economy of another country, that is the creator of wealth.

Who does the economy of the USA belong to? It would appear that the economy is owned by those who have succeeded in maximizing wealth creation. The wealthy benefit mightily from using the US economy...but they do not own it!!!

It, the economy, is owned by the citizens of this country. The individual businessmen/Women may own their own business, but the economy belongs to the country...and the country still belongs to 'WE THE PEOPLE'!??

So, the question becomes, Do 'We the People' own our economy...or are we at its mercy? If we are at the mercy of the economy, then the only real thing that we can do is to act now; and the only real choice that we can make that makes any sense at all for our future, is to take it back!

But how do we take back our economy and thereby our country?

Right now in this country we all must pay a state or federal (and sometimes both) income tax. My suggestion is that we do away with the income tax, both state and federal, and instead institute a user's fee. Each citizen would pay a flat tax based only upon the fact that they were able to participate in wealth creation in a vibrant economy, and that they were/are a citizen of the USA. The income tax laws would then be replaced with users fees. The user fees would be based on how widely and successfully the business or corporation is using/has used OUR economy to create wealth.

In this way, the biggest and most successful, businesses like Banks and Insurance Companies, when they are reaping greater profits would pay the biggest users fees, and small businesses, which cannot begin to compete with these mega corporations and multi nationals would be able to use the economy for far less cash output until they were able to use the economy to compete on the next scale.

When only the poor and middle class are paying mightily for using the economy in minuscule ways, our government does not have the money that it needs to regulate/operate properly. We cannot allow those who have become super successful to utilize our economy without paying a reasonable price. The large corporations are in love with charging users fees, be it on your credit/debit cards, or loans, or purchases, or anything that they can legally/illegally attach a users fee.

Turnabout is Fair Play!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. President..Stand Down the Military to Prove you still have control!

Our elected government officials, from the President down, have completely given away the house we have built.
America is in ruins and there is a feeding frenzy going on at the top that is being completely exacerbated by the votes and actions of said elected officials.
That being said:
Our elected government officials, from the President down, can no longer control our military. The US military industrial complex is completely out of control. Monetarily and militarily the President and the Congress need to prove to the American people that our military machine is in their firm control, and not the military's control. This is a total breech of their constitutional powers and prerogatives, and is very treasonous.

Mr. President...Stand Down your military machine just to show 'WE THE PEOPLE' that you can do this!

Neither the President nor the congress can control the American military machine because, in the most part, they tacitly assume this to be the one sure way for them to remain in power and wealth/influence. There only real adversaries in this are the said....American people, and our elected officials have shown, on that account, that they are completely bedded down with the military. That denotes a love affair...when your representatives and highest elected officials are in bed, and giving it (our wealth) up without any argument at all.
When the government falls in love, and into bed, with the military, things political are going in a very bad, bad, way.
You are not going to find many whistle blower's coming out with their whistles when they are threatened with really bad things happening to them and their loved ones.
The bottom will come up very quickly, ordered from the stratosphere's of wealth, to remove the whistle blowing offender's!
That is true even for the American people at home in this country.
We are really getting no help from the government or from those who's mistakes and greed perpetrated this fiasco... and more.

The question is often asked by the pundits; why aren't the American people out in the streets protesting. We do not want to get bombed by our military and our military police forces in our homes. We know that they will do these things to us. Rape, pillage, murder, and a soldiers paid for license to be inhumane at their commanding officers orders.
We only have a few hundred million citizens in this country that are being affected by this, so when it does happen it is going to hit them like a tsunami. Then the Wars in America will begin against our military because they no longer exist for our defense or protection!
To go against the American military is political suicide in todays twisted bureaucracy.
But wait, we have two of these devils to deal with. One completly unelected and the other made up of elected officials.
They are all working together to keep everything the same or better for their master, the filthy rich and the military.

The cyclical ways of our universe guarantee that soon enough...those who are first will soon be last, and those that are last wont assume the responsibility of deceiving and robbing everyone else of their belongings and money!!!!!

Sorry, but humans do not know how to make use of their language to create any thing other than poverty, homelessness, starvation, lack of health care and a mouthful...We are just great at creating inhumane situations for one another to try to live in.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Can we use language without making war?

Somehow, some when, everyone that uses any form of language, AND THAT MEANS YOU, for anything, is going to have to admit that it is this 'use of language' that has brought down all of this hell on those whom we use this language too call 'humanity'! I am not denying the good things, just concentrating on the bad things because they can do us in!
Everything that can be discussed or thought about involves the use of language. We are motivated by our use of words. Everything on the positive side of the ledger, like understanding, compassion, intelligence, etc...has its opposite on the negative side of the ledger.
Language, which is really meaning, is based on opposition for the most part. Without the opposition of linguistic relationship's there would be nothing to create any differences in that which is perceived.How can you perceive anything if it does not stand out from its surroundings? You cannot, but if it stands out from its surroundings then it is different from them. Difference is created by our use of language. In a way, it is 'the same old difference' that language puts onto what it calls everything, which is really a useless definition, that has become the problem.
Because we all use, within reason, the same type of tool, it seems reasonable too extrapolate that language and meaning work correctly within a specific context...and the only specific context that we have been able to use is the ability to use language for argument!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Are we Intelligent, really?

Intelligence is the ability of all humans to interact amongst themselves, worldwide, socially, using language and meaning, without creating the conditions necessary for war anywhere.
I would also like to add into this mix of wonderful human abilities, under the heading Intelligent actions, the ability for human society to exist without creating poverty, starvation, homelessness, and an incredible lack of health care for a majority of its peoples!

is the ability of all humans to interact amongst themselves, worldwide, socially, using language and meaning, (to create a system in full view of all of the world's population if the media doesn't lie to them) that displays all of the wonderful traits that our present elected governments see as important.
1. poverty...keep them poor!
2.information...give them incorrect or incomplete info whenever possible. Lie,lie,lie!
3.wealth...obtain it and hoard it, but do not spread it around.
4.If they are homeless and starving they can not really raise themselves up by their bootstraps, so we can call them no-good criminals, they cannot protect or represent themselves legally, so we can use our minions of the law to harass them into submission.
I have a social/political question for all of you.
What will the government of these United States of America think, and what will it do, when the USA is condemned by the rest of the countries, or at least a majority of them, in the free being the most destabilizing factor in our world today?
The political oligarchy that runs America will scream bloody murder. How dare you upstart little, rogue, nations dare to challenge the global supremacy of those who know that they are always correct. What will the American citizen think about these types of accusations? Perhaps this is what our media has been groomed for, for so long! To lie to the American public by omitting information that the oligarchy does not want us (We the Citizen's) to contemplate. Why tell the citizen's the truth, when, after all, they are too stupid and/or ignorant of the big picture to be able to make decisions that will not endanger our supremely enmeshed (like a tick under your skin) position!

Society comes from the word social...and the oligarch's are not social!
Civilization comes from the word civil...and the oligarchs are not civil!
Keeping the rest of the world starving in order to overload their already overloaded plate is the essence of their orders to their minions....who just happen to also be our elected representatives...
Ever wonder why everything is going to hell in a hand basket???