Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Religious Rights Aiken Heart

Religion, like stupid politicians, has caught on because you only have to believe their claptrap. Facts can be real buggers and get in the way of a well honed lie. Facts can sometimes be very difficult to come up with also, so the right wing wing nuts have just decided among themselves that the facts just don't have to matter. If you make it up, and say it is in the bible, we will believe you. That's their motto. Akin was just spouting the rhetoric that is going around in circles in most of these retards gray matter. That's why he has the balls to utter such nonsense. Aiken knows that the right wing nut jobs are very suspicious of anything science might have to say about women's reproductive parts, and how it all works, so he throws out as much alpo for the hungry hounds as he can, and just keeps blowing on that charmed dog whistle of his. I don't think it's working to well though, because the cows have come home to roost. That's the problem with dog whistles!

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