Friday, December 28, 2012

Everyone is playing games online; well almost everyone. Our world is going down the proverbial toilet and these people are playing games and watching porn. Is that all that this existence means to most folks? I am sitting in a public library right now, and I am watching young and old people alike playing computer games. Is this the definition of being dumbed down by what your parents casually call your education? They say that you are what you think and eat, but really, are you? Can you watch yourself think? Who or what is it that is watching? Can you watch yourself do what ever it is that you are doing? Do you watch what you are doing with your thinking? So what is it that is doing the watching. What is it that is aware of what you are thinking? Is it your own thinking that is aware of your thinking? Watching your self think without thinking about it is called meditation. It is much more interesting than playing games, and it is a tool that can be used to make the world a better place for everyone. So instead of just playing games, let's all meditate on the mess we have gotten this planet, and the life on it, into!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Political nut bags abound in American politics too!

The American people need to distance themselves from these political kooks, right now, before they take this country, and you and I, over the fiscal cliff with them. Actually, this fiscal cliff should be renamed as the fiscal bus that these political nutbags are throwing our economy, and you and I, under!  Anyone who tries to swim out into that great, polluted, filthy, river of politics and save these drowning idiots, criminals, etc., is going to be taken down with them! The democratic party isn't doing a heck of a lot better; they are flailing all over the place in political deep water that is also way over their heads. Let's face it folks, both party's have turned traitor against the American people in the last 30 years or so. Neither party is our friend anymore, and both parties are out, in full force, hunting unions down and killing them because they make the American worker too powerful. Our government, and both party's, have become the friend of the wealthy and the corporation. These same elected republican's and democrat's vote everyday to spend trillions of our dollars on war, on rebuilding other nations, and not one little bit on our infrastructure. If we don't jump out of the pot now, as a nation, when we finally do jump it will be straight into the fire.

"Were supposed to be carrying out laws"

"I head up the executive branch. Were supposed to be carrying out laws"  Now isn't that about the biggest joke you ever heard? Obama's carrying out the law when it comes to prosecuting the poor and the middle class, and blacks and Mexicans, for anything short of jay walking or spitting on the sidewalk, but the rich and powerful, and especially the banksters, or anyone having anything to do with 1.9 billion in legal fines without anyone ever going to jail, and I could bring up other crimes much bigger than smoking pot...go totally unpunished! Do as I say and not as I do, it didn't work when I was a kid and it won't work now! I live in Washington state, have for the last 50 years, and I have been harassed to damn near death by the police over a little green herb. Now we vote it in, and isn't the vote so important when it does not matter, and these power hungry tyrants tell us we might not be able to even do that. Remember the story about the frog in the pot, on the stove, and someone turns on the heat? When, if ever, will the frog notice he's being cooked and leap out? Well folks, we, as American's are being put in exactly that same pot, and if we don't do something, now, to preserve our rights and freedoms, we won't have any!...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Right to work laws turn on Unions

It is silly for people to think that this right to work legislation has anything to do with more jobs, or better jobs, or more competition; when in fact it has everything to do with more profits and less wages and responsibility to any workers unlucky enough to be hired by these corporate/governmental slot machines. There is just no way to deal with any party who has decided that your rights, and your welfare, do not matter. When wealthy people, and corporation's, like this become powerful enough, they will come and hunt your wealth and property down, and use their wealth, power, and their cronies in the government to make you a criminal. Capitalism is a total farce when your ability to participate in the capitalist system has been removed because you have failed. A system that depends upon the failure of the majority....,and we are provide wealth and power to the winners of this rigged game, is exactly what we have let them build in our back yards. Our government has become a lose/lose situation!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our police have become enforcers for the rich!

Statistics show that it is a misnomer to call these uniformed gangs with guns, and various other weapons and equipment, as the police. They do not police anymore! These uniformed gangs are properly called 'ENFORCERS! To compel observance of or obedience to...the wealthy and powerful. To impose a kind of behavior upon the citizens, and to give force to, or reinforce the force of, the wealthy and order to keep them in power. They say that the police are used by the state to preserve order, but it is the order of the oligarch, the rich man, the powerful, that is actually being protected. You and I really don't matter in their big picture; in fact we are the problem!  The citizen being the problem makes sure that their enforcers will always protect their extreme wealth and power over the rights and freedoms of the citizens. The wealthy see us as their enemy, which is why they use their hired political hounds to attack us when they are in office, and remove our rights and what ever else they can!

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's a strange universe in here!

Does anyone really think that all of the information about this universe we live in is already known? To declare the truth of the matter to be one way, or the other, indicates a severely closed mind on the subject. I will admit that the evidence does appear to be slim to non-existent, but the same kinds of problems happen all of the time in various fields, like High Energy Physics, and they don't just throw their hands in the air and claim that they know all of the answers because they have found none. The question of whether we are alone in the universe has not been answered yet. Scientist's are researching and spending billions on the search for life on other planets...why, if there is nothing out there would we even try? Answering a question this profound will test the ultimate claim of humanity, and that question is...are we intelligent?

Friday, December 7, 2012

In a world without words nothing does not exist!

Change always takes time but change is not time itself. The perception of now is fundamental to observation. Language is fundamental to perception.The language of observation is the language of change because observation, even the observation of no change, takes time. The end of time wouldn't even allow for total entropy to exist. Without time, no observation can be made. Without observation, no time would be created and entropy does, indeed, come to us via the wonders of observation.  What also comes via observation, as we observe ourselves using language.
You will not understand gravity until you understand time, You cannot understand time until you understand observation.
The body is going to die, but the material it is composed of is never going to cease to exist. At least its constituent matter will continue on in some way. Is this a measure of immortality?
Many folks seem to think that without language, nothing would exist, but because nothing is a word, and a part of language, without language the observation of nothing could not exist.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

US politician's love Israel

Israel and the US against the world! It sure seems that way sometimes. Can Israel do anything wrong in the eyes of the powerful politician's in the US  (it does not look like it)? If it were put to a vote, I am quite sure the senate and the House would gladly, and instantly, with an overwhelming majority, vote Netanyahu in as president and throw Obama, and the American people, under the wheels of the oligarch's bus. (they have already accomplished the latter half)  The US military has become the body guard of the Israeli, right wing, nut jobs! The American people need to see what their country is doing  through the eyes of the rest of the people of the world. We, the people, need that feedback to keep our nation a democracy, and stop its terrorizing of the rest of the world.
Many of the problems of our world have been caused by the US interfering in other people's business.