Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Trusted Police

They are not our police. They are the police protectors of the elite, criminal, democracy and freedom wrecking, crew of rich banksters and politico's who have turned traitor to the people for a lot of money and dictator style power. They are our enemy dressed up in military hardware, sporting military weapons, and attacking the people, women, children, babies, chalk users, for anything the rich and powerful want them to attack us for. They are a specially trained, specially brainwashed, squad of goons who excel at accomplishing their owners heinous objectives..It is totally dangerous, and socially insane, to even consider yourself safe when these weapons wielding, trained chimps, are on a rampage for their psychopathic owners. They are using the tactics, and the very play books, of despots like Mussolini, Hitler, Assad, and many, many more!
The American people want justice!   Ha, what you're gonna get is incinerated in your homes if you get too far out of line with these characters. They have big weapons, many soldiers, and they mean business! Take a close look at what is happening in Syria right now and you will see a fine example of just how far our dear leaders will also go!

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