Thursday, July 19, 2012

The conservative folks that I talk to are in a tremendous panic about the Obama Presidency. Were talking about being in full fight or flight mode, ready to attack any liberal that dares speak or act. Isn't this panic what is causing them to start all of the name calling and negative ads? It is an 'amygdala hijack' for sure. How can the republican, conservative, party make good decisions regarding the future of our democracy, and the futures of the people in this country when they are suffering from such political 'road rage'? How can you run a campaign that is funded by all of the entities, corporate and otherwise, that want to deregulate democracy for the increased wealth and prosperity of the privileged few and still think you are convincing the general voter that you even have them in your plans as any thing other than a write off! It points directly to the wealthy's ability to be able to influence the outcome of the Electoral College shenanigans that take our vote away every presidential election. We need to bring the vote back to the people and make voting a constitutional right. Get rid of the electoral college crap and allow the citizens to vote on the issues, not a bunch of crazy rich personalities who think they need to be king.

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