Saturday, July 14, 2012

Going after the criminals

Come on folks, and thank you Bill Moyers;  all of our elected, and almost all of our appointed, are bought and paid for.  Those who are in the highest and most important positions, like judges for sure, are just the ones who require much more secrecy, and loads of cash, when you buy them out. The money and power is all they are in there for. Look at the record of politics destroying our unions, our wages, our environment, our freedoms, and allowing any corporation who pays them off the legal right to do the same in the name of capitalism and debauchery. When those we have elected to office are acting criminally then how can we expect those same criminals to police the corporate and banking criminals? They won't regulate them, they will let them succeed and emulate them. This is what we have seen. And what we are also seeing is their incredible power able to turn our police against the non violent protesting of the very citizens these criminals have just ripped off! We are going to have to jail all of them, and get all of them out of positions of power, or we are never going to see the end of this. Let's quit talking about it and throw the bums in jail. I keep forgetting that the police are on the side of the criminals. It gets harder from here on.

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