Monday, August 27, 2012

Republican War against Women

When I hear the republican crazies spout their vitriol I am reminded of the angry god of the old testament. An angry, loud, POWERFUL, WHITE,  MALE, god...who didn't like anyone! What ever was done to these right wing folks to cause them to hate women so much must have been done at a very early age, and then continued for a long, long, time. Their rhetoric shows that they completely lack the ability of a first year law student to research out a subject and find out what is true. They can only believe what they have been told, which makes sense to them, because this is how they were taught to learn in the first place. All of the information that years of science has brought to the fore front of medicine about women and childbirth are as nothing to these idiots compared to what they were taught to believe in their bible. That is an astounding fact!
This kind of rhetoric will turn a majority of women away from supporting the republican party, and I believe a majority of level headed men also. There are many men who consider women to be their equals or better. I am one of them, and I am damn proud of it!
My mother approves of this message.

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