Thursday, June 28, 2012

Activism, protest, and your dictatorial stealing of my democracy...or, when representatives lie!

Once a corrupt politician gets into office it can become very, very, difficult; very difficult indeed , to uncover any wrong doing, regardless of how heinous those wrong doings might be on their part. It does happen that they are occasionally caught, but it is a very rare event indeed. Graft and corruption, especially of our election laws, have become the hallmark of politics and political endeavors in general, although there are some who refuse to go down this treasonous and treacherous path (I think). There are many elected who would not protest, or speak up, even when they know their counterparts are doing illegal/improper things; they will stick up, and lie, for their buddies because in the end it might just make them some more money or build some more of that wonderful power that they love so much. It's either that or they are being black mailed by one of their counterparts across the aisle because they know something valuable and are willing to trade their secrets for more power, or more campaign money. Becoming a politician in this country has become the venue of the wealthy, powerful, extremely popular, and super venal; and that is for a purpose also! Obfuscation and confusion always reign supreme in politics. Like magic, they keep you hypnotized by their bullshit rituals and titles so high and mighty.
You just cannot have the stupid people, the common citizen, and especially women, meddling in the affairs of those who, since they have become elected, know everything about anything. It seems that by merely being elected they are raised to the pinnacles of genius also, or so might those well deserving Nobel laureates ( I am exempting Milton Friedman from this because he was pure evil) think who have been turned down for positions in administration's they are incredibly well suited for, and turned down just so that our greedy little elected bastards can gum up the gears of democracy enough to make themselves, and their lobbyist cronies, filthy fracking rich! That is what getting elected is really all about for many of them; greed and avarice, oh, and let's not forget POWER!.
Oh, no, we would not fix elections; but that is what the whole election cycle in American politics is all about. The wealthy and powerful have bought the electronic media, and the newspapers, which allows the wealthy to fix the outcome of the election, any election, beforehand, by talking about everything but what is important and misrepresenting any thing that is true as false. Oh, and spending a billion dollars doing it! This is why capturing the media is so awfully important to their goals. You cannot fool most of the people most of the time unless you control the complete flow of information to their minds and bodies. This is why they are now attacking the world wide web and the internet capabilities of regular voters. Just like any coup , scheme, or scam, you have got to keep the people you are trying to rule thinking that you mean something, and are doing something, entirely different until it is too late for them to react correctly. Presto Change o, and shazam....Then you lower the boom on their asses!
It is, again, a sad state of affairs when those in elected office are able to change the definition of a Governor, who is a representative of his state's people, to that of a powerful dictator (like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, Alabama and Georgia, now have, among many) who attacks certain segments of the working population; voter registration, unions, free speech, Negroes, Mexicans, etc., so as to weaken or destroy their political power, just like their philosophical buddy Hitler did in Germany.
Democracy cannot withstand treason from within its ranks like this. This is a weakness that must be understood before democracy is attacked from within again. Attacking the power base of the people, while in elected office, is a reasonable definition of treason against democracy and the people of our country, let alone their own elected office! It is obviously true that they are trying to change our democratic government to an oligarchical one! And we are at war to boot, and acts like our representatives are performing while we are at war and Americans are dying in battle are surely at least a transgression of the laws we follow as a people!
But, alas, there will only be a few elected representative who will be able to do anything about this sad state of affairs because they are either all in this together or are kept from supporting the people's view by powerful adversary’s. It will have to be the people who put their feet down on this one!
Our political representatives can no longer accomplish what they were elected for by we the people. Many now have an agenda which has been set in place, and built, by those of wealth, power, and, frankly, extreme political stupidity! You have to admit that it is stupid to destroy a country as great as the USA out of pure greed! But.... They have committed themselves so completely that withdrawing from their entrenched positions will only leave a vacuum strong enough to suck them back in to the crimes they have committed again, and again, for their own wealth and the downfall of our democratic republic. They are stuck in the mud and mire of their own ideologies and beliefs, and there is no one person to save their funky asses from what they have done to this country. What they have done and are doing right now is a crime against humanity and they deserve to face the full force of our laws, just like you or I would, and either go to prison or face a stiff, harsh, monetary penalty !
Answer me this one question if you think you can. Since democracy as it was originally defined, as being of the people, by the people, and for the people, is so important to those supposedly inalienable rights the constitution provided us as we the people...then just who is supposed to stand up for democracy if it is not we the people? Who really knows what democracy means? Answer me that one question according to our constitution and bill of rights if you can! Democracy is of, by, and for the people, and it therefor must be protected by their actions in public! It is undemocratic, to say the least, to stop the citizens of this country from protesting, and fighting if they must, to get their country, and their democracy, back in their control!
What you have been witnessing in this country is the silencing of democracy using police repression and political deceit. This is exactly how all of the country's ever overrun by despots and dictators were taken down. It is all done by wealth and power under the guise of justice for all, but their all does not include anyone but those who administer the laws, the wealthy, and the military. Those who fight for the country and enforce the laws are considered cannon fodder also. And in secret, the citizen, to tell you the truth, is always seen as the problem when the wealthy and powerful take over the reigns of government. It is their trademark act, to remove all of the information, power, and wealth, from those they rule in order that they not be able to fight back against their ruler's extremism. Then they enslave and destroy them for more wealth and power, and blame them for the ills of their insane world. It is very much like a hostile takeover in the corporate realm.
Attacking and destroying the power base of the citizens of this country is not the action of democracy, or of democratically elected representatives who care about their constituents, or their future, but are the actions of tyrants, super capitalist's, who need to be removed from power immediately and tried, by the people, for their offenses against this country and its constitution and for the inhabitants of the rest of the world as well.
American democracy has become a carnival, a circus of rides, meant to cause you to think that you are enjoying yourself when in reality the situation you are in is totally out of your control, and at the mercy of the operators, the whole time..
After the carnage of World War 2, we, and the people of the civilized world, developed laws that governed the acts of those in power when atrocities are committed, but our leading political lights, like GWB, or Obama, repealed them so that they would not have to stand trial for their heinous and inhumane decisions! The laws regarding torture were thrown out to allow our misguided and misled elected leaders to accomplish the same things that those before them were considered inhuman and monstrous for attempting to do to a people!
This is the very definition of absolute power corrupting absolutely! Were it not for their most terrible deeds, and their almost habitual lying, how could we ever think that these people we elected could do these things? Did it occur to you while you were voting, or not voting, that these folks we elected were going to trash everything our constitution and Bill of Rights stands for just because they can? Did it occur to any of you while you were voting that democracy is just a baby in this world and that it needs to be watched very closely that it is not taken advantage of or hostage? I thought not! When democracy lies down with lazy believers fascism is usually the baby.
It seems very self evident that what we are dealing with (the destruction of our democracy) has to do with how lawyers do their business. What are the first three letters in lawyer and what does that imply for how the laws of our land are seen, and conducted, and defined. Lawyers are judges, and lawyers are politicians, and lawyers sit on our supreme law in America, which includes the definitions of all of those important terms and statements, is left up to the lawyers to decide the definition of.
I am not, in the least, trying to say that all lawyers, everywhere, are dishonest or unethical; but what I am showing you is how deeply entrenched this profession is in the decisions regarding our freedoms, and our laws, and the very definitions we use to define our liberty
Lawyers work for pay, and usually the most that they can get if they are well known as a winning attorney. The wealthy can always buy the best attorneys and that is why they almost always win.
The wealthy literally own their own law firms. How many of our elected and appointed officials in this country are an attorney, or are in the legal fields in one manner or another? When the administration of the law was taken out of the hands of the common man and made the palace of the wealthy and their attorneys a lot was lost in the definitions of democracy!

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