Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Police: Friends of the Wealthy, Enemy of the Poor

  Our police have been brain washed by the elite ruling class to believe that those same elite are to be protected from the actions of the people when the people take actions like protesting against obvious criminality within the ranks of the same elite ruling class.
 This is what our police are routinely used for now. Pogroms against political activists, and political action groups, that end up with those same political activists/groups being arrested, imprisoned, and in general terms just being treated like criminals. This is especially heinous when these actions are taken using much violence against peaceful, non violent, protesters.
 Outright lies, illegal and immoral deceptions, coupled with felonious criminality on the part of our political elites has allowed those of extreme wealth to invade our government, and replace our elected representatives with their paid cronies and filthy, sociopathic, yes men!

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