Friday, June 15, 2012

Citizen's Fight to the finish for Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The recent story about the 70 year old Pharmacist, in Greece, who committed suicide because he lost his pension and did not want to end his life digging in dumpsters and trash cans, for food among other things, hits home for those of us living on Social Security, and Medicare, and food stamps. Most of us living on the edge like this, mainly seniors, mom's with children, young homeless men, ex-criminals, and those with severe disabilities, know first hand just how fickle and out of touch with the reality we face that our representatives, governors, and federally elected officials, like the president, can be. They claim they must look at the bigger picture, but that bigger picture they look at isn't the real picture, but one painted (totally constructed from polls) by their advisers and ministers; who, it can be truly said...cannot see beyond their next lobbying job and the money folded in their wallets and hidden in their off shore accounts. And We, the people, are not in that picture except as indentured serfs to the ancient, wealthy, 1%! Our only real value, or worth, is given to us because, as the pundits so proudly proclaim, we are the consumers of the crap they produce! Could they get their wealth from some where else but serving the working people...(like selling America's manufacturing to China and India, and don't forget Korea)..they would gladly starve us to death just to be rid of us! If it sounds familiar, it is because it has been American corporate/government policy for years. We, the people, with our stupid rights and constitution, are just a democratic nuisance that needs to be removed! And these advisers/pundits/lobbyists also get their information, which they then give as advice to our leaders, from the very groups, (think ALEC), corporations, and other wealthy nations (Saudi's) that want to destroy our freedoms and our ability to chart our own democratic course!
I feel about as helpless as that 70 year old pharmacist did in Greece on that fateful day! BUT, I am not going to blow my own brains out for the actions of a cabal of wealthy family/nation wreckers. I mean, really, what have I done that I should punish myself in such a terrible way for the schemes and criminal activities of the filthy rich? That is exactly the mind set that these oligarch's want me/us to adopt. No Way!
Democracy is to important to just leave to the whims of the wealthy and powerful. I will dive in those dumpsters so that I, and democracy, can survive and flourish once again! I will occupy, and I will march, and I will protest, and I will “Keep My Eye on the Prize” until we overcome these social problems! This is a fight that started so many years ago, and it must not end; it must never end, and everyone knows that “Democracy cannot protect itself” without this constant vigil by the citizen's themselves. It is going to take much more than angry police, with guns, and pepper spray, and combat gear, and tanks, etc. to stop me from bringing democracy back to this nation!
I will not self destruct in the face of your onslaught!
You are going to have to kill me yourself!
I will not do it for you!
I will not sit on the sidelines while you destroy my liberties!
I will practice direct democracy!
I will occupy!
I will protest!
You tell me that if I do not obey your rotten laws that you will imprison or kill me
and that if I do obey your rotten and miserable laws that you will starve me to death.
I have learned much that you cannot get from your advisers and pundits...
so just where do we go from here?

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