Monday, August 20, 2012

Israel's leaders are deranged!

We are seeing what goes through the mind of a deranged person, or group of deranged people, when their beliefs over ride the facts they are assessing. When the facts outweigh the beliefs, the beliefs are just made stronger and the facts ignored more often. The hysteria that is caused by this belief induced fear has been an important factor in the motivations of high level Israeli political figures in even considering a war with Iran. I see Israel's leading lights as being very suicidal with their nation's health right now. These machinations we are witnessing are merely the inner conversations of those deranged leaders that are urging the nation over the edge, into a catastrophe, which they full well know war always is. Hopefully, the people, and a saner mind set for the leaders, will prevail before all hell breaks loose. Just remember that Iran is not Palestine or Lebanon. It is a powerful nation. If the US gets pulled into this it will become a conflagration we will not soon forget. War is never the answer. Any intelligent nation knows this to be true. 
So why don't they act like war is always a losing proposition? That's where the deranged part comes in!

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