Monday, August 27, 2012

Republican War against Women

When I hear the republican crazies spout their vitriol I am reminded of the angry god of the old testament. An angry, loud, POWERFUL, WHITE,  MALE, god...who didn't like anyone! What ever was done to these right wing folks to cause them to hate women so much must have been done at a very early age, and then continued for a long, long, time. Their rhetoric shows that they completely lack the ability of a first year law student to research out a subject and find out what is true. They can only believe what they have been told, which makes sense to them, because this is how they were taught to learn in the first place. All of the information that years of science has brought to the fore front of medicine about women and childbirth are as nothing to these idiots compared to what they were taught to believe in their bible. That is an astounding fact!
This kind of rhetoric will turn a majority of women away from supporting the republican party, and I believe a majority of level headed men also. There are many men who consider women to be their equals or better. I am one of them, and I am damn proud of it!
My mother approves of this message.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Religious Rights Aiken Heart

Religion, like stupid politicians, has caught on because you only have to believe their claptrap. Facts can be real buggers and get in the way of a well honed lie. Facts can sometimes be very difficult to come up with also, so the right wing wing nuts have just decided among themselves that the facts just don't have to matter. If you make it up, and say it is in the bible, we will believe you. That's their motto. Akin was just spouting the rhetoric that is going around in circles in most of these retards gray matter. That's why he has the balls to utter such nonsense. Aiken knows that the right wing nut jobs are very suspicious of anything science might have to say about women's reproductive parts, and how it all works, so he throws out as much alpo for the hungry hounds as he can, and just keeps blowing on that charmed dog whistle of his. I don't think it's working to well though, because the cows have come home to roost. That's the problem with dog whistles!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Israel's leaders are deranged!

We are seeing what goes through the mind of a deranged person, or group of deranged people, when their beliefs over ride the facts they are assessing. When the facts outweigh the beliefs, the beliefs are just made stronger and the facts ignored more often. The hysteria that is caused by this belief induced fear has been an important factor in the motivations of high level Israeli political figures in even considering a war with Iran. I see Israel's leading lights as being very suicidal with their nation's health right now. These machinations we are witnessing are merely the inner conversations of those deranged leaders that are urging the nation over the edge, into a catastrophe, which they full well know war always is. Hopefully, the people, and a saner mind set for the leaders, will prevail before all hell breaks loose. Just remember that Iran is not Palestine or Lebanon. It is a powerful nation. If the US gets pulled into this it will become a conflagration we will not soon forget. War is never the answer. Any intelligent nation knows this to be true. 
So why don't they act like war is always a losing proposition? That's where the deranged part comes in!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Criminals and the Political Stage

With all of the criminals running around the American political spectrum, are we sure the oligarch's in charge don't have room for at least one more? To see Paul Ryan as a crisis remedy when it has been his, and other insane republican's, ideas and votes that have driven us over the precipice, have created the crisis, shows the amount of double speak the Romney campaign and the Republican party, in general, will speak to get elected to office: and the amount of double speak the American voting public will suck up as true because of our complicit in these crimes, funky, horrible, unable to tell any truth, national media. It is unconscionable and unethical, which states in full the best qualifications that either Romney or Ryan brings to the table.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The 1%'s new laws against democracy!

The police are taking over the world! We are heading straight down the path towards totalitarianism in the United States and Canada. We have allowed our constitution to be bought and changed by the wealthy and the corporations. New laws are being crafted in order to keep our democratic rights chained up. New rules and regulations are made and passed by the oligarch's that put more people in jail in order to promote private prison systems, which are being used to imprison prisoner's of political disagreement. The wealthy just want to lock up everyone but their own persons so that we are no longer a bother to them. The people are like flies at the big picnic that is being held by the wealthy and powerful, and they are using the police to swat those flies.
 The definition of democracy has been changed by the lawyer's who work for the wealthy to mean what the wealthy want democracy to mean. It is for this reason that political dissent is now seen as illegal and criminal; the meaning of democracy has been changed to only apply to the wealthy and those in power. The rest of us are now in a new class of what the wealthy call 'non persons'.
 When the 1% feels threatened they sick their pigs on the people regardless of what they are attempting to do. With the new 1%er laws, everything that the people will do to try and improve their situation is now against those new 1% laws. We are no longer allowed by law to speak out about how we feel about what is happening in this country. Just us equals the 1%!
 Free Pussy Riot!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On the Insanity of Voting

If our vote does not get stolen in the localities where we vote, or by electronic voting machines programmed by crooks, it will certainly be lost when the electoral college, or our now political Supreme court, plays its silly games. We sure do spend an awful lot of money electing these idiots to office to not be getting any help (what so ever) on deciding the issues that divide us. After we elect these folks they are supposed to represent all of us, not just the rich. It has become obvious that the issues we face as a people, and as a nation, don't mean diddly squat to the oligarch's we put in charge of our wealth and our why do we keep on doing the same stupid thing and expecting it to turn out differently folks? How come? Is it because the American people are insane that we keep on doing the very definition of what insanity means?
The issues, not the personalities, are what we need to be voting on. You cannot have a democracy that is driven by the oligarch's. What you get instead is a country that looks and works just like a corporation. The USA inc.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tax Wall street !

Ah, the oligarch's, back in the news again. They are keeping the unemployment rate right where it will do its most damage to the American economy. Full employment will give the workers too much power, and too high wages, as far as they are concerned. History does  back up their fears, and all oligarch's know that they must fear an enlightened citizenry. We do need to start a nation wide social movement to tax Wall Street. We pay taxes on what we make and spend and so should the oligarch's. We need full employment, and we will not get that until we build our bargaining power as citizen's. Until we have a justice system that prosecutes criminal actions regardless of wealth or power we will be in their control. Our government will not do these things unless all of the citizen's push them to do these things.

Monday, August 13, 2012

An Honest Bank? On Romney and Ryan!

Are there any reasonable or responsible banks left? If absolute power corrupts absolutely, just how much corruption will be caused by absolute wealth when it is in a position of extreme political power? Is there any real difference between the wealth of the powerful and the power of the wealthy? If there is not much difference, or none at all, then we need to protect our institutions and our democracy from the corruptions that both power and wealth hold so dear to their hearts. I think all American's can truly say that this corruption is what we have been seeing in our political structures for quite a long time now! It is nothing but political nonsense to listen to the crazy plans that the wealthy want to institute to destroy our economic and political futures.