Friday, August 17, 2012

The 1%'s new laws against democracy!

The police are taking over the world! We are heading straight down the path towards totalitarianism in the United States and Canada. We have allowed our constitution to be bought and changed by the wealthy and the corporations. New laws are being crafted in order to keep our democratic rights chained up. New rules and regulations are made and passed by the oligarch's that put more people in jail in order to promote private prison systems, which are being used to imprison prisoner's of political disagreement. The wealthy just want to lock up everyone but their own persons so that we are no longer a bother to them. The people are like flies at the big picnic that is being held by the wealthy and powerful, and they are using the police to swat those flies.
 The definition of democracy has been changed by the lawyer's who work for the wealthy to mean what the wealthy want democracy to mean. It is for this reason that political dissent is now seen as illegal and criminal; the meaning of democracy has been changed to only apply to the wealthy and those in power. The rest of us are now in a new class of what the wealthy call 'non persons'.
 When the 1% feels threatened they sick their pigs on the people regardless of what they are attempting to do. With the new 1%er laws, everything that the people will do to try and improve their situation is now against those new 1% laws. We are no longer allowed by law to speak out about how we feel about what is happening in this country. Just us equals the 1%!
 Free Pussy Riot!

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