Friday, December 7, 2012

In a world without words nothing does not exist!

Change always takes time but change is not time itself. The perception of now is fundamental to observation. Language is fundamental to perception.The language of observation is the language of change because observation, even the observation of no change, takes time. The end of time wouldn't even allow for total entropy to exist. Without time, no observation can be made. Without observation, no time would be created and entropy does, indeed, come to us via the wonders of observation.  What also comes via observation, as we observe ourselves using language.
You will not understand gravity until you understand time, You cannot understand time until you understand observation.
The body is going to die, but the material it is composed of is never going to cease to exist. At least its constituent matter will continue on in some way. Is this a measure of immortality?
Many folks seem to think that without language, nothing would exist, but because nothing is a word, and a part of language, without language the observation of nothing could not exist.

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