Sunday, May 3, 2009

Are we Intelligent, really?

Intelligence is the ability of all humans to interact amongst themselves, worldwide, socially, using language and meaning, without creating the conditions necessary for war anywhere.
I would also like to add into this mix of wonderful human abilities, under the heading Intelligent actions, the ability for human society to exist without creating poverty, starvation, homelessness, and an incredible lack of health care for a majority of its peoples!

is the ability of all humans to interact amongst themselves, worldwide, socially, using language and meaning, (to create a system in full view of all of the world's population if the media doesn't lie to them) that displays all of the wonderful traits that our present elected governments see as important.
1. poverty...keep them poor!
2.information...give them incorrect or incomplete info whenever possible. Lie,lie,lie!
3.wealth...obtain it and hoard it, but do not spread it around.
4.If they are homeless and starving they can not really raise themselves up by their bootstraps, so we can call them no-good criminals, they cannot protect or represent themselves legally, so we can use our minions of the law to harass them into submission.
I have a social/political question for all of you.
What will the government of these United States of America think, and what will it do, when the USA is condemned by the rest of the countries, or at least a majority of them, in the free being the most destabilizing factor in our world today?
The political oligarchy that runs America will scream bloody murder. How dare you upstart little, rogue, nations dare to challenge the global supremacy of those who know that they are always correct. What will the American citizen think about these types of accusations? Perhaps this is what our media has been groomed for, for so long! To lie to the American public by omitting information that the oligarchy does not want us (We the Citizen's) to contemplate. Why tell the citizen's the truth, when, after all, they are too stupid and/or ignorant of the big picture to be able to make decisions that will not endanger our supremely enmeshed (like a tick under your skin) position!

Society comes from the word social...and the oligarch's are not social!
Civilization comes from the word civil...and the oligarchs are not civil!
Keeping the rest of the world starving in order to overload their already overloaded plate is the essence of their orders to their minions....who just happen to also be our elected representatives...
Ever wonder why everything is going to hell in a hand basket???