Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On the Insanity of Voting

If our vote does not get stolen in the localities where we vote, or by electronic voting machines programmed by crooks, it will certainly be lost when the electoral college, or our now political Supreme court, plays its silly games. We sure do spend an awful lot of money electing these idiots to office to not be getting any help (what so ever) on deciding the issues that divide us. After we elect these folks they are supposed to represent all of us, not just the rich. It has become obvious that the issues we face as a people, and as a nation, don't mean diddly squat to the oligarch's we put in charge of our wealth and our why do we keep on doing the same stupid thing and expecting it to turn out differently folks? How come? Is it because the American people are insane that we keep on doing the very definition of what insanity means?
The issues, not the personalities, are what we need to be voting on. You cannot have a democracy that is driven by the oligarch's. What you get instead is a country that looks and works just like a corporation. The USA inc.

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