Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting Money out of Politics. Is it Possible?

 When the rule of law becomes a tool that the wealthy use to oppress the people using government regulations and laws made possible by their wealth and their influence on our political processes, and to excuse themselves for their crimes, then, in fact, it has become a tool of government oppression!

   Anyone who has a stake in capitalizing on their honestly earned wealth and power, in our present oligarchical system, will find their need to change this corrupt system quite pressing because it is so corrupt to all but the 1% that those who wish to remain honest brokers of the law, in business and finance, cannot succeed unless this wealthy and powerful strangle hold is released.

  What do we mean by 'getting money out of politics? Is it even possible? Is greed an instinct?

   Those who scream that we must follow strong leaders are the first to vote for a dictatorial state.

    Right wingers just cannot shake their beliefs hard and long enough to get far enough away to inspect them for any accuracy at all.

    The republican's have spent the last 3 plus years working to elect Romney while the citizen's of this country and their important issues were totally ignored, if not worked completely against, when ever the President worked to fix them?

    We need to repaint that zig-zagging Party line that barely runs down the middle of our political road. The stripe needs to be applied way to the left of the present day democratic party, lump all of the Blue Dogs and hawks in with all the politically conservative right wingers that they really are, and move real liberals onto the progressive side of the road with a new party name. All of those politicians who feel that we must conserve the old political system are obviously conservative.
    We are not going to make any progress with our present system until we clear out the train wreck that is blocking the road and get at least one lane moving; the only lane that has ever moved. That way we get to keep our 2 party system. We can call them the progressive party and the backward party!

    You really can't be an independent, or a democrat, or even a true republican, if you are an elitist. Not even the law matters if you are an elitist; as only wealth and power turn your head.

The definition of 'impossible' would be humanity using language to create any social state that did not end up in war.

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