Friday, December 14, 2012

Political nut bags abound in American politics too!

The American people need to distance themselves from these political kooks, right now, before they take this country, and you and I, over the fiscal cliff with them. Actually, this fiscal cliff should be renamed as the fiscal bus that these political nutbags are throwing our economy, and you and I, under!  Anyone who tries to swim out into that great, polluted, filthy, river of politics and save these drowning idiots, criminals, etc., is going to be taken down with them! The democratic party isn't doing a heck of a lot better; they are flailing all over the place in political deep water that is also way over their heads. Let's face it folks, both party's have turned traitor against the American people in the last 30 years or so. Neither party is our friend anymore, and both parties are out, in full force, hunting unions down and killing them because they make the American worker too powerful. Our government, and both party's, have become the friend of the wealthy and the corporation. These same elected republican's and democrat's vote everyday to spend trillions of our dollars on war, on rebuilding other nations, and not one little bit on our infrastructure. If we don't jump out of the pot now, as a nation, when we finally do jump it will be straight into the fire.

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