Friday, July 27, 2012

Jim Crow and the Georgia Prison hunger strike

Brutal crackdown on prisoner's who protest intolerable conditions. Almost all, if not all, of these prisoners are black! This is a Jim Crow jail in a Jim Crow state! It is a damn concentration camp for black people!  We need folks to come in from the outside world, honest, compassionate, people,  to shine a bright lite on the monsters who are doing this under the fake guise of a corrections department and let the whole world see it. We complain when this is done to animals like dogs and cats, and we should be complaining loudly about what these fake corrections officers, in their dungeons of torture, are doing to human beings like you and I. The people who run our prisons and jails have turned into hateful monsters when it comes to the citizens of this foul police state we inhabit today!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lies of the 1%

Our big, nasty, government is of the 1%, by the 1%, and for the 1%, and it is insane, absolutely and totally, doubly insane, for the American people to expect that those they elect to federal government offices, like our presidents, will do anything other than push and fight as hard as they can for the 1%'s goals of world wide military and energy domination. War with Iran, or regime change, is all about the ruling 1% getting their hands on the oil and other natural resources in the ground there. War is just our governments way of telling the American people to either like it, or lump it, or when you protest we will use violent force against you to shut you up about your stupid democracy! Freedom to the 1% means that they, as the government, as the 1%, are free to use much violence, oppress, destroy, lie, cheat, or steal., without fear of any get their greedy, filthy, money sucking ways. This is not government in action, this is a farce against the American people that is being perpetrated by the 1% on their privately owned media stage of lies, lies, and more lies.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The conservative folks that I talk to are in a tremendous panic about the Obama Presidency. Were talking about being in full fight or flight mode, ready to attack any liberal that dares speak or act. Isn't this panic what is causing them to start all of the name calling and negative ads? It is an 'amygdala hijack' for sure. How can the republican, conservative, party make good decisions regarding the future of our democracy, and the futures of the people in this country when they are suffering from such political 'road rage'? How can you run a campaign that is funded by all of the entities, corporate and otherwise, that want to deregulate democracy for the increased wealth and prosperity of the privileged few and still think you are convincing the general voter that you even have them in your plans as any thing other than a write off! It points directly to the wealthy's ability to be able to influence the outcome of the Electoral College shenanigans that take our vote away every presidential election. We need to bring the vote back to the people and make voting a constitutional right. Get rid of the electoral college crap and allow the citizens to vote on the issues, not a bunch of crazy rich personalities who think they need to be king.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Citizen's disjointed by 'Citizens United'

It would seem that this ruling, that corporations are people, and that money is speech, did a lot more than just drown out our political voices! Money being speech in our completely unequal world is more like being in a tiny swimming pool when an giant elephant does a cannon ball into the water besides you! You get blown completely out of the pool by the giant waves, if not just crushed to the bottom. With money as speech, there is no room left for most of us within their very expensive political process. The top 400 richest people have more of a right to speak politically, or any other way, than the bottom 150 million poor people. To call America a democracy with this kind of political regimen in place is totally absurd and verges on the definition of insanity instead! It proves, beyond any doubt, that democracy has been 'drowned in that proverbial bathtub' already! The newspapers were paid to not print the news that We, the People, had been 'thrown out with the bathwater'!

Getting Money out of Politics. Is it Possible?

 When the rule of law becomes a tool that the wealthy use to oppress the people using government regulations and laws made possible by their wealth and their influence on our political processes, and to excuse themselves for their crimes, then, in fact, it has become a tool of government oppression!

   Anyone who has a stake in capitalizing on their honestly earned wealth and power, in our present oligarchical system, will find their need to change this corrupt system quite pressing because it is so corrupt to all but the 1% that those who wish to remain honest brokers of the law, in business and finance, cannot succeed unless this wealthy and powerful strangle hold is released.

  What do we mean by 'getting money out of politics? Is it even possible? Is greed an instinct?

   Those who scream that we must follow strong leaders are the first to vote for a dictatorial state.

    Right wingers just cannot shake their beliefs hard and long enough to get far enough away to inspect them for any accuracy at all.

    The republican's have spent the last 3 plus years working to elect Romney while the citizen's of this country and their important issues were totally ignored, if not worked completely against, when ever the President worked to fix them?

    We need to repaint that zig-zagging Party line that barely runs down the middle of our political road. The stripe needs to be applied way to the left of the present day democratic party, lump all of the Blue Dogs and hawks in with all the politically conservative right wingers that they really are, and move real liberals onto the progressive side of the road with a new party name. All of those politicians who feel that we must conserve the old political system are obviously conservative.
    We are not going to make any progress with our present system until we clear out the train wreck that is blocking the road and get at least one lane moving; the only lane that has ever moved. That way we get to keep our 2 party system. We can call them the progressive party and the backward party!

    You really can't be an independent, or a democrat, or even a true republican, if you are an elitist. Not even the law matters if you are an elitist; as only wealth and power turn your head.

The definition of 'impossible' would be humanity using language to create any social state that did not end up in war.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Trusted Police

They are not our police. They are the police protectors of the elite, criminal, democracy and freedom wrecking, crew of rich banksters and politico's who have turned traitor to the people for a lot of money and dictator style power. They are our enemy dressed up in military hardware, sporting military weapons, and attacking the people, women, children, babies, chalk users, for anything the rich and powerful want them to attack us for. They are a specially trained, specially brainwashed, squad of goons who excel at accomplishing their owners heinous objectives..It is totally dangerous, and socially insane, to even consider yourself safe when these weapons wielding, trained chimps, are on a rampage for their psychopathic owners. They are using the tactics, and the very play books, of despots like Mussolini, Hitler, Assad, and many, many more!
The American people want justice!   Ha, what you're gonna get is incinerated in your homes if you get too far out of line with these characters. They have big weapons, many soldiers, and they mean business! Take a close look at what is happening in Syria right now and you will see a fine example of just how far our dear leaders will also go!

Going after the criminals

Come on folks, and thank you Bill Moyers;  all of our elected, and almost all of our appointed, are bought and paid for.  Those who are in the highest and most important positions, like judges for sure, are just the ones who require much more secrecy, and loads of cash, when you buy them out. The money and power is all they are in there for. Look at the record of politics destroying our unions, our wages, our environment, our freedoms, and allowing any corporation who pays them off the legal right to do the same in the name of capitalism and debauchery. When those we have elected to office are acting criminally then how can we expect those same criminals to police the corporate and banking criminals? They won't regulate them, they will let them succeed and emulate them. This is what we have seen. And what we are also seeing is their incredible power able to turn our police against the non violent protesting of the very citizens these criminals have just ripped off! We are going to have to jail all of them, and get all of them out of positions of power, or we are never going to see the end of this. Let's quit talking about it and throw the bums in jail. I keep forgetting that the police are on the side of the criminals. It gets harder from here on.

The Police: Friends of the Wealthy, Enemy of the Poor

  Our police have been brain washed by the elite ruling class to believe that those same elite are to be protected from the actions of the people when the people take actions like protesting against obvious criminality within the ranks of the same elite ruling class.
 This is what our police are routinely used for now. Pogroms against political activists, and political action groups, that end up with those same political activists/groups being arrested, imprisoned, and in general terms just being treated like criminals. This is especially heinous when these actions are taken using much violence against peaceful, non violent, protesters.
 Outright lies, illegal and immoral deceptions, coupled with felonious criminality on the part of our political elites has allowed those of extreme wealth to invade our government, and replace our elected representatives with their paid cronies and filthy, sociopathic, yes men!