Saturday, January 5, 2013

I take it personally

Language has severe design limitations when used by humans, in that whatever information is to be used must first be capable of being thought about, or remembered by the individual. This language relies upon thinking which relies heavily upon memory to understand the information in the context presented. If it is not in there, remembered, how do you think it? How would you even know that there was something thinkable you didn’t have the ability to think about if it wasn’t in there, in your round file, so to speak, that this information was missing?  Ah, yes, your programming is complete or at least you think it is complete in that you think you have all of the information that you need.  So your round file really only contains what you remember; pity!
Another question; because you remember it, that makes it correct, right? Then would it also be correct to state that if there is a question you don’t have the answer for, all you need to do is think about it and the answer will eventually come to you? Think about it…hmmmm?  …..Define research….. Are all new answers, to even new questions, found by just reshuffling old answers?
Is thinking memory? Can you think about what you cannot remember? Is memory the content of thought? Can you remember what you cannot think about? So, how then can you use thinking to retrieve from memory information that is not there, or even perceive that it is not there? When someone asks you to think about how to solve a problem, don’t you look and see whether you have the necessary information in your memory to bring to bear the correct tools to solve the problem being queried? And just who, or what, is looking at your memories; your memories?
Everyone who thinks, thinks that thinking is such a wonderful tool, and that because you can think words like humane, and intelligent, and think them in conjunction with thinking about your thinking self, and that just because you think, these fine and fancy sounding words actually apply to you…when they do not, really do not; definitely do not apply to the human race: human rat race more to the truth of it!
We kill everything that moves and call ourselves humane. We destroy our environment with total impunity and then call ourselves intelligent! We are like mad, sick, chimps with super hammers, destroying everything we come into contact with, destroying our own selves and destroying permanently our ability to bring back a world we have killed outright in our primal stupidity. This life on the planet Earth is not just some stupid experiment (at least to me) that we can set up and perform any old time we want and at our whim! We are that experiment gone wrong, and we are proving to the earth, and all the rest of life’s creatures, that it will certainly be a better, and safer, place here when we are extinct, gone, destroyed forever…which we will be soon enough considering our monumental stupidity and truly gargantuan pile of hubris that smells like dung when we expound on our putrid, and fake, greatness as a species. We have fouled our own nest and now we must sleep and live in it every day!
Are you aware of your thinking? What, or who, is it that is doing all of this remembering? Is it possible to just watch yourself think without thinking about what you are watching? I’ll bet you think that it is the ‘I’ that is doing all of the thinking, don’t you? So, you can think that you are an I, doing the thinking, but what is watching the ‘I’ think it is an I? ‘What’ is it that is watching all of this thinking that is going on in your head? It surely isn’t ‘what’ that is watching and creating the ‘I’ that you think you are. So is it thinking itself that is creating this ‘I’? If there were no thoughts would I, could I, be? The whole thing falls apart without words, and meaning, doesn’t it? If you do not have a word for it you cannot name it…even if it is there all of the time and right in front of your face! Some things just cannot be assumed so cavalierly!
Language is capable of putting together many words that actually sound reasonable, but upon further inspection they turn out to be stupid, or nonsensical. What is the sound of one hand clapping… appears to be a question, but it is not. It is just another example of the stupid things that a combination of words can mimic, and language is mimicry for sure; and it’s one of those design limitations I was speaking about earlier also.
If mankind is going to even address the problems he has created on this planet, let alone repair them, then his attention must go back to relearning the use of those tools he has used to call himself intelligent and humane. That would be language, and meaning, which we have used, instead, since time immemorial, to focus our powers of creation on the hell of death and destruction caused by war, poverty, and man’s inhumanity to all life everywhere…and the greatest human achievement so far has been our creation, and promulgation, of total war on our earth and our complete hatred of all life on it. What a terrible legacy to leave for all of eternity to reveal to any who might come along…and they will come along. At least we should erect ourselves a giant, and enduring, monument to our supreme stupidity, inhumanity, and ignorance. Actually, if we continue on the path we are on right now, we could just leave this once beautiful, now totally destroyed, planet as our gift to the cosmos, and to any gods that might care to have a good laugh!
I just cannot imagine any god with big enough balls to ever admit to the creation of such a pack of rats as humanity has turned out to be! And just in case you want to know what really gets me about all of this…it is that I have to call myself a human: I have got to show myself exactly how complicit in this horrendous murder of all of life on Earth I really am, how stupid and inconsiderate I have been! Deeds this savage, even when committed by me in ignorance, should not be rewarded kindly.