Thursday, December 13, 2012

Right to work laws turn on Unions

It is silly for people to think that this right to work legislation has anything to do with more jobs, or better jobs, or more competition; when in fact it has everything to do with more profits and less wages and responsibility to any workers unlucky enough to be hired by these corporate/governmental slot machines. There is just no way to deal with any party who has decided that your rights, and your welfare, do not matter. When wealthy people, and corporation's, like this become powerful enough, they will come and hunt your wealth and property down, and use their wealth, power, and their cronies in the government to make you a criminal. Capitalism is a total farce when your ability to participate in the capitalist system has been removed because you have failed. A system that depends upon the failure of the majority....,and we are provide wealth and power to the winners of this rigged game, is exactly what we have let them build in our back yards. Our government has become a lose/lose situation!

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