Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Citizen's disjointed by 'Citizens United'

It would seem that this ruling, that corporations are people, and that money is speech, did a lot more than just drown out our political voices! Money being speech in our completely unequal world is more like being in a tiny swimming pool when an giant elephant does a cannon ball into the water besides you! You get blown completely out of the pool by the giant waves, if not just crushed to the bottom. With money as speech, there is no room left for most of us within their very expensive political process. The top 400 richest people have more of a right to speak politically, or any other way, than the bottom 150 million poor people. To call America a democracy with this kind of political regimen in place is totally absurd and verges on the definition of insanity instead! It proves, beyond any doubt, that democracy has been 'drowned in that proverbial bathtub' already! The newspapers were paid to not print the news that We, the People, had been 'thrown out with the bathwater'!

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