Friday, June 22, 2012

Can  a Coup Happen in the USA?

Can our military leaders get rid of (remove from office) our elected political leaders if they (the top brass) think those same elected political leaders do not represent the country correctly, or are putting it at extreme risk? Quite obviously, the military leaders would not want to be seen doing this in public, because a show of power like this would send an ominous message to the American citizens. But it does seem to be the main reason for the many military coups we see around the globe...The military dissatisfied with civilian rule, dissatisfied with their treatment from the country's elected leaders, other situations, and can it happen here?
When you look at what is happening in Syria, among many countries, today, it becomes possible to contemplate having a military that is so out of touch with the people it protects, due to various reasons, that they would be able to destroy their own cities, infrastructure, and families, because they were ordered to by their superiors. What else can account for the atrocities that we are witnessing in Syria, Egypt, Haiti, and many other countries today; atrocities being done to them by members of their own society and their own family; by a military that is supposed to be protecting them from this kind of thing,..and all because they were ordered to do so? When your son or daughter joins the military, it isn't a normal thing to have to contemplate the fact, and it is a fact now, that their training may turn you into the enemy if their superiors so decide. It is a sobering thought indeed! Was it any difference with the Hitler Youth?
What will the soldier in uniform think, and how will they respond to orders that put them on the streets of their own home towns, in an adversarial position; against their own family's, friends, school mates, lovers, possibly, or in some other city or town somewhere in the USA? Does our all volunteer military recruit the kind of individual that will perform these kinds of inhumane, violent, military actions against their own people for pay? Is ours a true mercenary military now?
Once the military gets to a certain size, a size somehow relevant to the size of the population it protects, those who are the leaders of said military start acting like they were elected, or are now CEO's of private corporations. Their position becomes a job to them. The citizens become the obvious problem...and, They no longer see themselves as serving their country, but now see it as working for the 1% from who they procure the almighty dollar. Regardless of your job, be it a military man, or a banker...”power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Lord Akron Is this what happens when an individual or a group becomes so very powerful?
As unpleasant of a thought as this can produce in our minds, it is still something we need to look at and contemplate. We need to ask the important questions, like has our military become a tool for the 1% to be able to steal the wealth of other nations and the wealth of our own citizens? With the largest and most powerful military in the world, are we, the people, still able to control that awful, and most powerful, weapon?
It does not look like control over our military is anything we have ever had as a people! Our military has always been in the control of the 1%. When they turn their guns on the 1% then the military will be in complete control.
Isn't that how coups always work out?

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