Friday, July 27, 2012

Jim Crow and the Georgia Prison hunger strike

Brutal crackdown on prisoner's who protest intolerable conditions. Almost all, if not all, of these prisoners are black! This is a Jim Crow jail in a Jim Crow state! It is a damn concentration camp for black people!  We need folks to come in from the outside world, honest, compassionate, people,  to shine a bright lite on the monsters who are doing this under the fake guise of a corrections department and let the whole world see it. We complain when this is done to animals like dogs and cats, and we should be complaining loudly about what these fake corrections officers, in their dungeons of torture, are doing to human beings like you and I. The people who run our prisons and jails have turned into hateful monsters when it comes to the citizens of this foul police state we inhabit today!

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