Saturday, September 1, 2012

Union Busting every where!

This is what we can expect when ever we try to form a union. It is going to remain this way until we can get the union busting republican/tea party, the crazy mad hatters, out of office; or at least in the minority. Because we have an anti union federal government right now, the law is easily used by union busters, and illegal employer actor's, to harass and intimidate workers trying to improve wages and working conditions. This is a direct result of corporate laws making it impossible for the corporations themselves to allow workers rights. They have rigged the game against the workers and the consumers. We need to get rid of corporate law before it destroys us. These corporations must be made to exist for other things besides profits, like being good for the environment and the workers! Corporations have written their laws to be above the laws we made for ourselves, and above the reasons we founded this country, which is why those corporate laws are doing so much damage to our nation and our environment.
Last night, Mitt Romney said he was going to turn this company around. Is he going to fire all of us in order to do it?