Thursday, November 15, 2012

Global warming is all of us!

Wasn't it President Obama who, during the campaign, admitted to having built enough pipeline to circle the globe? Hasn't he opened up the Arctic to drilling, even though the oil giants are having trouble with the hostile environment. Has Obama taken nuclear power off of the table as an alternative? Isn't it true that he is still touting the economic and environmental gains promised by 'clean coal'? Which, by the way, does not exist! Which direction are we moving as far as completing the 'Tar Sands' go...just ask Bill McKibben. Global warming...Climate change, call it what you will, is a fact we are going to have to deal with. Global warming is not Obama's fault, any more than it is your fault or mine; it is all of our faults..together, and together is how we will make it better or worse. The buck should stop, when it comes to global warming, on everybody's desk that is in the least bit responsible for it. Global warming/climate change is a global problem that will not be dealt with appropriately by blaming the other. We are all in this together!

Monday, November 5, 2012

America feels like a third world country to me when I consider the great gap between those who live in poverty and the wealthy and powerful few. You would think that the wealthy and the government they run would consider the people who inhabit this world with them as human also, as worthy of aid.
After Katrina, which destroyed the old city of New Orleans, we have had Irene, and super storm Sandy, and who knows what kind of weather will descend upon us next? The East coast of the US has been destroyed by these storms. Should the rest of the country not escape the crush of climate change, will we even have a continent to live on, or just a bunch of islands surrounding the largest, and most toxic, waste dump ever seen on the planet?

Goodbye, forever, green planet earth, in your glory you ruled the heavens.
finally your time has come to die!
In my mind you're alive,
I'll remember
the blue green of life that you spread around.
I promise green earth
I will not forget.
At least until I'm dead.