Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The language of argument

We must all use the tools that government (state, federal, and local) has in place to create the wealth that we then use to survive and flourish. That is true unless those tools are unavailable, or not affordable, due to a failure of the economy to provide an equal (reasonably so) avenue to approach wealth creation. The more wealth that you accumulate, the more wealth you have to use in our economy to create more wealth. It is OUR ECONOMY, or the economy of another country, that is the creator of wealth.

Who does the economy of the USA belong to? It would appear that the economy is owned by those who have succeeded in maximizing wealth creation. The wealthy benefit mightily from using the US economy...but they do not own it!!!

It, the economy, is owned by the citizens of this country. The individual businessmen/Women may own their own business, but the economy belongs to the country...and the country still belongs to 'WE THE PEOPLE'!??

So, the question becomes, Do 'We the People' own our economy...or are we at its mercy? If we are at the mercy of the economy, then the only real thing that we can do is to act now; and the only real choice that we can make that makes any sense at all for our future, is to take it back!

But how do we take back our economy and thereby our country?

Right now in this country we all must pay a state or federal (and sometimes both) income tax. My suggestion is that we do away with the income tax, both state and federal, and instead institute a user's fee. Each citizen would pay a flat tax based only upon the fact that they were able to participate in wealth creation in a vibrant economy, and that they were/are a citizen of the USA. The income tax laws would then be replaced with users fees. The user fees would be based on how widely and successfully the business or corporation is using/has used OUR economy to create wealth.

In this way, the biggest and most successful, businesses like Banks and Insurance Companies, when they are reaping greater profits would pay the biggest users fees, and small businesses, which cannot begin to compete with these mega corporations and multi nationals would be able to use the economy for far less cash output until they were able to use the economy to compete on the next scale.

When only the poor and middle class are paying mightily for using the economy in minuscule ways, our government does not have the money that it needs to regulate/operate properly. We cannot allow those who have become super successful to utilize our economy without paying a reasonable price. The large corporations are in love with charging users fees, be it on your credit/debit cards, or loans, or purchases, or anything that they can legally/illegally attach a users fee.

Turnabout is Fair Play!

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