Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. President..Stand Down the Military to Prove you still have control!

Our elected government officials, from the President down, have completely given away the house we have built.
America is in ruins and there is a feeding frenzy going on at the top that is being completely exacerbated by the votes and actions of said elected officials.
That being said:
Our elected government officials, from the President down, can no longer control our military. The US military industrial complex is completely out of control. Monetarily and militarily the President and the Congress need to prove to the American people that our military machine is in their firm control, and not the military's control. This is a total breech of their constitutional powers and prerogatives, and is very treasonous.

Mr. President...Stand Down your military machine just to show 'WE THE PEOPLE' that you can do this!

Neither the President nor the congress can control the American military machine because, in the most part, they tacitly assume this to be the one sure way for them to remain in power and wealth/influence. There only real adversaries in this are the said....American people, and our elected officials have shown, on that account, that they are completely bedded down with the military. That denotes a love affair...when your representatives and highest elected officials are in bed, and giving it (our wealth) up without any argument at all.
When the government falls in love, and into bed, with the military, things political are going in a very bad, bad, way.
You are not going to find many whistle blower's coming out with their whistles when they are threatened with really bad things happening to them and their loved ones.
The bottom will come up very quickly, ordered from the stratosphere's of wealth, to remove the whistle blowing offender's!
That is true even for the American people at home in this country.
We are really getting no help from the government or from those who's mistakes and greed perpetrated this fiasco... and more.

The question is often asked by the pundits; why aren't the American people out in the streets protesting. We do not want to get bombed by our military and our military police forces in our homes. We know that they will do these things to us. Rape, pillage, murder, and a soldiers paid for license to be inhumane at their commanding officers orders.
We only have a few hundred million citizens in this country that are being affected by this, so when it does happen it is going to hit them like a tsunami. Then the Wars in America will begin against our military because they no longer exist for our defense or protection!
To go against the American military is political suicide in todays twisted bureaucracy.
But wait, we have two of these devils to deal with. One completly unelected and the other made up of elected officials.
They are all working together to keep everything the same or better for their master, the filthy rich and the military.

The cyclical ways of our universe guarantee that soon enough...those who are first will soon be last, and those that are last wont assume the responsibility of deceiving and robbing everyone else of their belongings and money!!!!!

Sorry, but humans do not know how to make use of their language to create any thing other than poverty, homelessness, starvation, lack of health care and a mouthful...We are just great at creating inhumane situations for one another to try to live in.

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