Friday, October 16, 2009

Can we use language without making war?

Somehow, some when, everyone that uses any form of language, AND THAT MEANS YOU, for anything, is going to have to admit that it is this 'use of language' that has brought down all of this hell on those whom we use this language too call 'humanity'! I am not denying the good things, just concentrating on the bad things because they can do us in!
Everything that can be discussed or thought about involves the use of language. We are motivated by our use of words. Everything on the positive side of the ledger, like understanding, compassion, intelligence, etc...has its opposite on the negative side of the ledger.
Language, which is really meaning, is based on opposition for the most part. Without the opposition of linguistic relationship's there would be nothing to create any differences in that which is perceived.How can you perceive anything if it does not stand out from its surroundings? You cannot, but if it stands out from its surroundings then it is different from them. Difference is created by our use of language. In a way, it is 'the same old difference' that language puts onto what it calls everything, which is really a useless definition, that has become the problem.
Because we all use, within reason, the same type of tool, it seems reasonable too extrapolate that language and meaning work correctly within a specific context...and the only specific context that we have been able to use is the ability to use language for argument!

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