Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Jury of the Common Man is still out

The jury is still out. Actually, the jury has not been appointed or even convened yet. The American people are the only jury that can be called to order, and to vote, under these dire circumstances. Citizens of the USA, you are being called upon to vote as to whether the President of the United States, his staff, or any of their subordinates, cronies, etc, has committed any offenses that have broken the sacred laws of this country, either here or abroad, according to your guaranteed, by the constitution, interpretation of the constitution of The United States. (We are not talking speeding tickets here!)

Under these circumstances, the fair reporting media;which are those sections of the media, internet media, and Bloggers, who have not helped perpetrate this lawbreaking, and that are not tied at the hip to the federal and state governments (groups which are yet to be determined) and their proven and well known cronies, and their unconstitutional acts, shall be called in as testifying officers; whose powers have been duly granted by our constitution, and who support the constitution and its continuance, and its definition as a vehicle of the Freedom of the American Peoples, and continued freedom of ‘We The People”, over the wealthy capitalist rights of the elected government and their wealthy business partners now in majority. Also, all of those countries, our neighbors, who have been harmed by us in any way when we consider those actions that were beyond the fold of our elected representatives actions shall be called in, and welcomed, to testify to the actions of our elected representatives, and their testimonies, as much as can be verified, shall be taken into consideration by ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ when we vote on this matter.

The constitution of our country did not specify that a minority could run roughshod over the majority. Our constitution did not specify that a majority could run roughshod over a minority.
These two considerations are what the basics of our constitution presume to guarantee we the people. Our constitution did specify that ‘The Rule of Law’, as defined by said constitution, must be followed under any and all circumstances. That the ‘Rule of Law’ was followed as written in our constitution, by our chief elected officials (?) and his minions, is what we are voting on right now. A King could literally define the rule of law into his favor, to cover his actions, and that is what we are up against with the Bush Administration. A President with the powers of a King!

Incidentally, considering that said constitution was written for the protection of the ‘Common Citizen’, and the ’Common Citizen’s' definitions of their guaranteed freedoms, those definitions promulgated by said constitution must be interpreted, as to their validity, by the court of the common man, and not interpreted by those who only hold allegiance to those of wealth and power. We, at this time, are not questioning the motives of the 'common citizens' of this country, but are voting as 'common citizens' upon known facts and our opinion, as to whether those that we have elected to represent us have done so in a fair and open manner as regards the continuance of those tenets, and the continuance of our interpreted freedoms, held so dearly by said constitution, for the good of that 'common citizen'!
The opinions of this body, We The People, shall be conveyed to those who have been elected to represent ‘We the People, that they may be duly carried our immediately by our elected representatives as ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ see fit, within our constitutional rights.
Our constitution, the constitution of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ loses its power to protect our constitutional rights when it is not interpreted in free and open debate by ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. This is the first and foremost of our rights, the right to ‘FREE SPEECH’, and that right accrues to how our constitution is interpreted and how our constitutional rights are handled by our elected officials. Without these caveats, any document’s validity is forever, and completely, in vain.
“The government is for the people; and the misfortune was, that the people had no agency in the government before…..If the government is to be binding on the people, are not the people the proper persons to examine its merits or defects?” Governor Edmund Randolph
So,I would ask you, my fellow citizens, just what and who does our Constitution really protect? Is this a document ‘for the protection of the common citizen’, or is this just a document put out to fool the common citizen by giving the rights to interpret and decide the laws that fall on said common citizen by those of wealth and power? If the latter be the case, what protections do you really have? Is a man of wealth and power who sides with the king any different than the king? Then, if you do not see the constitution as providing you with the rights to decide the meaning of what your freedoms entail, again, I would ask you: of what importance is this document if it just gives the wealthy, the powerful, the same power over you and yours as had the king, and you are left with no voice other than which rich, wealthy, spokesman of that king just to vote into power?
Freedom is much more than being able to watch the television, or drive to the store, when you want. Freedom, which includes that super-important freedom, the right of free speech, also allows you to decide what the definitions of these most important terms is. Terms like freedom and the very important definitions of what our freedoms really are! Otherwise, the powers that be will make into law their choice for what ‘The People’s Freedom’ means; and the definition will be…DO AS I SAY, OR ELSE!

No vote will ever be as important as the vote you cast in this, 'our 'WE THE PEOPLE's' Freedom issue!
Since, at the present time, our elected representatives and our government do not care and have not prepared for a vote, it will be best, at this time, if you vote by sending your opinions and citizen's considerations to as many of your local medias as is possible. Also, letters to your representatives, and Senators, whether by email or regular postal mail, and phone calls to the same, will solidify our efforts to bring this situation back under the control of the 'common citizen' of this country. Our government and those who represent us in that government are helpless without our concerted and forceful feedback.
Vote for a definition of freedom as a definition that is decided by the common citizen and not the King and his cronies. Ask them, if freedom has nothing to do with what you define freedom to be, what freedom is then. Is freedom their freedom to continue to lie to us and replace our constitutional rights with the divine right of the Kings, etc.

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