Saturday, December 2, 2006

Sacrificed to the gods of wealth

Sacrificed to the Gods of Wealth

The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, of the United States is not a Capitalist document. Although it may have allowed for the creation of modern day capitalist economics, it would have to be said that the Constitution, and its founding father’s, would have forbid capitalism, capitalistic economic practices, and those industries and corporations that have been founded on these principles, from destroying, redefining, or removing the constitutional rights of the American people in order that they, the capitalist institutions, may ensure their continued survival and growth (over the growth of our inalienable rights) in a global economy had they ascertained the successes and powers these enterprises would have achieved. The constitution of the United States forbids any group of people, any majority, whether that be a majority in numbers or a majority in economic and monetary wealth, from destroying the ideals and tenets that this great country, and the rights of its common people, was founded upon.
Our major industries compete in a global economy with other industries from other countries, many of which are not democratic, or are not democratic in the way that our Constitution and Bill of Rights allows for us. Must we give up our American Freedoms, our Constitutional Rights, and our uniquely American social institutions so that these captains of industry can continue to create untold wealth for themselves, their owner’s, CEO’s, and stockholders, while leaving us in the wilderness?
The health and welfare of many, many, past generations of American workers; our relatives, fathers, mothers, and other family members, all of them, have worked hard and with fidelity to put these monsters of wealth and industry where they are today, and it is as patently obvious as the nose on my face that they hold no allegiance to any of the American people who put them where they are today. They now claim that they have a higher calling (call it their success) than the defense of our democracy, and the wellness of the United States and its peoples. They are selling themselves to the highest areas of maximum wealth creation (and the lowest wage countries) because our Constitution and the Bill of Rights of this country had provided the American citizen with a nominal lifestyle that has been the envy of the workers of other countries since its inception. It is for these reasons that we demand reasonable wages; that we need to uphold the quality, productivity, and health, of our society, and the quality of our social institutions; and it is because of these reasons that we are being deceived, lied to, and left, flat out with nothing, sitting on the streets; millions of us literally homeless and destitute, without work or health care; so that our major corporations and the, at one time, producers of wealth for ‘We the People of the United States’ can continue to capitalize upon their already incredible successes somewhere else!
Let us face it folks. We have been sold out, or, at the least, the process of selling us out is still going on and continues to accelerate its pace as these monsters become the global monarchs of industry and capitalism!
Let us take a look at our government to see many of the ways in which these pernicious deeds are being accomplished. Let us start at the top of our Federal Government. Recent estimates put it out that it costs approximately $, (Forty Million dollars!) to run for election as Chief Executive (the President) of this country. The many millions of dollars being, in the main, contributed to these campaigns by those wealthy businessmen, business owners, stockholders, CEOs, and those, like the wealthier members of the political parties, who stand to make a great deal of either money, power, influence, or all of the above, from the election of this already wealthy captain of industry himself. This is definitely not an area where the common citizen can ever attempt to go. Only those of great wealth, and those who will be, of course, willing to allow the monstrous super global corporations to continue the rape of our American way of life can dare too tread here. This gentleman, that we call our president, is the head of our elected political aristocracy, what used to be called ‘our government’ and like I said was, literally and monetarily, put there by those of great wealth building success so that they may continue to create untold, huge profits, and ever more billions and billions of dollars for their coffers. Go Capitalism Go! Don’t you just love it?
Our President and his staff have become the CEO’s of the American Capitalist Union, while our governors, senators and representatives are quickly becoming his field staff. We have elected them to represent us, but by ‘us’ they mean ’them’, the very successful business owners and still in the country industrialists, and of course their already well known cronies, the super-wealthy, the super-powerful, and the beyond American law, Global corporations.
Thanks, as far as these traitors is concerned, should also be handed out to our sneaky, sneaky Supreme Court, and the legal systems of this once great bastion of freedom, for allowing those lawyers who represent the wealthy to get their precious freedoms to destroy our freedoms, and our futures, greedily.
You can tell them by their actions, and let the truth be known that they, our elite, and wealthy above the law aristocracy, really care no more for American freedoms and the American citizens themselves than does their war machine care for the lives, livelihood, and freedoms of the Iraqi peoples. Yes, it is their war machine now, and I call it thus because if we get to far out of line in trying to get our freedoms and our country back, that war machine will be used against us again, and in a much larger and more effective manner than any ‘Kent state massacre’ that you can remember. And although we know that this, call it a standing Army if you want, is composed of our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, we know they are still at the mercy of their captains and the almost total misinformation or lack of information that keeps them in their place as good soldiers. Make no mistake about it; the wealth of our aristocracy is much more important than our lives to them, or they would not be going down this road in the first place.
Were they loyal to America and its freedoms and people, there would still be plenty of jobs and, we would still be helping those in other countries to bring their standards of living up to ours instead of destroying them.
What about Social Security, which really has no future in their world of capitalism and finance?
No, the death of Social Security, the increased, and in many cases, the impossibly high costs of medical care, and their willingness to spend trillions of dollars on wars are the boot marks of their armies already marching across the heartlands, and the hearts, hearths, and financial futures of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’!
My question to all of you is this: How long are we going to continue to allow this to happen to this great nation? Answer me that! Do you really think that a few marches, and a few people being arrested is going to do any good? When will we realize whom we are dealing with here; when we have all lost our freedoms and futures to their greed? Isn’t it time for ‘We the People’ to take this seriously in the aggregate; isn’t it time for us to go out into their arena and get this country, our vehicle, that was created by our founding fathers, this United States, back from these people who do not care. We need them to know that they will not destroy our nation and its good people without a fight. I ask you, Where else have we to go, where?
We must exercise intelligence in a very non-violent manner, and we must do so together, as the citizens of this country, before it is so late in the game that most of us no longer even remember what our founding fathers strived to create for us many years ago.
Let it be known then, that this great country is being attacked from within, and that like the immune system of a reasonably healthy individual, battling disease, we must rise up as this countries body politic, its immune system, and stop this inflammation that is consuming us, this disease on our freedoms, rights, and livelihoods, before it becomes a conflagration that consumes us, and our families, in our very homes!
Our disease is created by their greed!

I would be most interested in hearing from you.

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