Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Jews were Hitler's Terrorists


Therein lies an interesting story, and we all know what happened to the Jewish people at the hands of Hitler’s ‘Third Reich’. I would like to turn my story line around in starting out with a simple statement: the Terrorists are President Bush’s Jews. Terrorism, and the acts of terrorists, therefore, represent the ultimate threat to the integrity and continuation of these United States. According to our ‘fundamentalist’ President, these terrorists have us surrounded and are represented by all of the members of his heinous ‘Axis of Evil’. We have also, therefore, been infiltrated by those terrible terrorists, and now, according to his warped views of reality, ‘We the People‘, the citizens of this country, are also a part of that axis of evil that is, right now, in front of our very eyes, (according to that same unstable President’s views) preparing to destroy us from within!
According to our unstable President and Chief Commander’ anything now goes. The citizens of the United States must now be spied upon, wiretapped, their mail opened, and anything else that this administration can think of that will insure that the terrorists do not strike from within. Our elected representatives are also playing along, and so far seem to be fairly convinced that these accusations against the American citizens are true. In this, his twisted psychological view, our very freedoms, as granted by the Constitution, have become one of the main tools that his terrible terrorists are using to attack us from within. According to the President the ‘Threats of Terrorism’ far outweigh American’s right to anything other than to be granted the ultimate suspicion that we are the bad guys also.
The President and his administration are amassing tremendous decision making powers, and not just about a war that is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our president has decided that important guarantees, like Habeas Corpus, freedom from torture, a prohibition against extraordinary renditions, are no longer our right. Extreme powers are being used to circumvent the decisions and laws that have been created by the House of Representatives and passed in the Senate or have been waived or radically changed by this presidents incredible number of signing statements. In his fear of terrorism, Democracy has been waived and, President Bush is quickly gaining the powers of an absolute dictator. In so many ways, these actions are the same ones that Hitler used to destroy the freedoms of German citizens during his reign.
Remember that Hitler was elected in a legal election. Our Constitution guaranteed that the King could not run our lives. That is why this country was created; the ’We the People’ would not be under the thumb of some supreme leader. America is a land of Laws and the ’Rule of Law’, not a land of decrees being handed down by an ’out of his mind’ dictator.
A majority of American citizens want out of the war in Iraq, but according to our president what we want is not what is good for us. He knows better than the American people? A majority of American citizens know that the war in Iraq was started, and is being fought right now, because this purchased President and his cronies want to obtain and control the oil that is under Iraq. The American people, again, just do not matter when those of wealth and power gain control of the decision making powers and the military might of the United States. We the People have become secondary to the rights and needs of those who have succeeded at the capitalist dream. Capitalism first and foremost, and then if we decide so, democracy may just apply to the rest of you, maybe! Freedoms lost or reinterpreted will not be easily regained.
The war against Saddam Hussein is destroying Iraq, and many, many, of its inhabitants. I thought we wanted Saddam’s head, and the leaders of his regime! Saddam is dead after a fair trial that lasted well over 2 years. Have we given the Iraqi people a fair trial? NO! Can you imagine what we have done? A strongman takes over Iraq, terrorizes his people with our help at times, commits mass murders and heinous acts against those same peoples and surrounding countries: President Bush, in his war on terrorism, invades Iraq to rid the world and Iraq of this strongman, and then he proceeds, using the American military, with the help of coalition forces, to destroy the infrastructure and society of the Iraqi people, who were not responsible for the horrible acts that Saddam Hussein committed in the first place! The Iraqi people were, literally, Saddam Hussein’s prisoners. How are they responsible for the actions of this terrible person? Someone tell me the insane reasoning behind this stupid war, Please!
What is even more heinous in what we are doing to the Iraqi people and the country of Iraq is that all of this is, except for Saddam’s atrocities, a lie.
We are killing Iraq because we need, in our greed for energy, Iraqi oil! This horrible war is all about America breaking into the Iraqi household to steal their possessions, and that possession is oil! How is it that we have the right to steal Iraqi oil? Does our military might, or our incredible need, make it right? The truth is that nothing that Iraqi’s were doing makes what we are doing right. History will judge us harshly, have no doubts about that.
The subject of how history will judge us brings up another really interesting question, and that question could be phrased as; after President Bush’s war on terror, which is, more and more, everyday, looking like the beginning of the next World War, the ’Big One’, will there be any reasonable part of civilization left that will be able to record the truth of what happened during our times?
Hitler and WW2 are synonymous, will Bush and WW3 have the same epitaph?
It is now time for ’WE THE PEOPLE’ to raise our voices like we have never raised them before.

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