Saturday, December 2, 2006

We, the people, have been fooled again!

We, the People, have been fooled again!

Legal interpretation is the screw on which the authority of government turns, that it may increase its powers, as it sees fit, over the will of the people. This form of lawyer-speak has been instituted to necessarily, in its own (the government’s) view, allow itself, the government, the unmitigated authority of creating the meaning of terminologies used in all its important decision making, so as to usurp, over all laws and legislation, that power created by the people to protect themselves from such unmitigated power, and to create for themselves, the government, unbridled, the power of the monarchy in an unfettered state such as Kings and royalty hold.
It makes the decision making process so much simpler when you only have to consult with those in power as to the meanings of important words and phrases, as used in the constitutions, that the common man would maintain properly, and that he has created to protect his freedoms. By reinterpreting these essential meanings into uselessness, as far as the common good (of the common man) is defined by the common man, those important statements, phrases, and meanings are rendered useless for the protection of those important freedoms and liberties, and can then be used as the screw which those in power, (the government that was never supposed to be able to become this powerful according to the framers of the Constitution),use to increase their power over the people. It is just another way to say that they are employing their paid minions, the lawyers, as the king so frequently used his court and his authorities.
How can you battle them, even in a court of law, when the very meanings of freedom and liberty have been changed and turned into privileges granted by a Federal government that has stolen the vehicle of our protections, the constitution and its original meaning, and is out stumping that precious vehicle to enrich themselves and their crony business interests. How can you battle them, even in a court of law, when the very definitions that you are using, and claim to support your freedoms and rights, can be reinterpreted in their favor by their courts, etc?
Have we voted these people into office to remove our individual rights? I think not! Make no mistake of it.
We , the People, have been fooled again! Those who would govern us rule us, for it has long been held by those of wealth and power that it is their interest that make the claim of utmost importance, as they see themselves as super- important, as decision makers, over the will of the common man, as the kings did. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This corruption always shows itself in how those who rule treat those who are ruled. This is the ultra-Rich’s way of preventing the use of the Poor’s majority.
Habeas corpus, one of our founding fathers most important documents, gleaned from English common law and the Magna Carta, has been put to the new monarch’s axe, and the right of the citizen’s to be safe in their homes, from spying and illegal wiretapping, has been overturned easily by the monarchy we now call the presidency. How about torture of prisoners, wasn‘t that once against the law? During WW1 and WW2, those who made the most in income paid the most in taxes, but now, with the new monarchy, those who make the most receive the largest tax breaks (and this even in the times of our most costly war, Iraq) at close to 2 trillion when it ends. And how about the new, new, deal; the end of social security. Or the impossibly high cost of medical care. The list of horrors goes on. The incredible gap between those of wealth, in America, and the poor! The outsourcing of America’s jobs, and good ones also, to India and China, so that our already super rich corporations can reap even higher profits.
Do you think that your Senators and Representatives do not know that this is happening? The truth of the fact is that they are aiding and abetting this cronyism and consolidation of wealth and power because they want a piece of the action. America, to the rich and politically well entrenched, is a sinking ship, like the proverbial Titanic, that has been run into a stump (or iceberg if you prefer) by those captains of our ship who do not give a damn about what happens to you, or your family, or your freedoms, or your future.
Like I said, we have been fooled again!
The Kings, in their own way, have inserted themselves into the decision making mind of our countries body politic again. We might well ask ourselves how this is happening, considering how strong were the wishes of our founding fathers, the writer’s of our constitution and bill of rights, that the majority not have the ability, legally or otherwise, to tyrannize the minority.
It must be known to many in our world that there are ways for a minority, in population, to become the majority in the areas of expertise and leverage that move our country and our world.
The power of the King and his court was never created by the tyranny of the many over the few, but was the tyranny created by the few, the royals, aided and abetted by the great wealth the royal family controlled and the power and force of arms it could convene upon those of a much more modest means. You can substitute the power of the King for the power of the extremely successful and the extremely wealthy, in cahoots with a purchased and only interested in becoming wealthy legislature, which includes the multinational corporations as esteemed friends of the elected few. In doing so you end up with the same thing; the same type of controlling government, wherein the common folks could only acquiesce to their entrenched rulers laws or proclamations, lest their protestations be conceived of as being against the betterment of the country. While it is true that we vote our Senators and Representatives and President into office, beyond that, the control of the government and control over the ‘Rule of Law’ are squarely within their means to create at their will. And create at their will a system of laws that protects those of wealth, as long as the wealthy capitalists stay within the bounds of the laws of capitalism that they have agreed upon, they have done.
The problem we the common people of this country are facing is that these ‘super-successful’ capitalists now control the wealth of Monarchs, and our government sees it as a fit and legally allowed part of their daily duties and obligations to be susceptible to their monetary wills. To put it simply, the people we have elected to represent us and protect those values that keep us safe, those same values that guarantee that the decrees of our constitution are upheld and that they protect our right to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’, to be safe in our homes from government spying, and to maintain, as an example, the ’Writ of Habeas Corpus’, etc, etc, are being bought away by lobbyists, and a totally uncontrolled President, that represent those same ‘super-successful’ capitalists! To put it simply, we are being sold out, to the highest bidder, by those that we have elected to represent us.
Capitalism has replaced democracy, and democracy has become about as phony as voting for a king. Once they are in power they run roughshod over our constitutional rights and liberties that they may continue to capitalize upon their already incredible wealth and power. We, the People, have been left out of this equation, and now reside in our country as simple bystanders, as spectators to the rise of a new type of Monarchy that our founding fathers could not perceive.
The Kings of Capitalism now control our world, and the economic and social outcome of this country and its experiment to create a social order that respects, and holds dear, our freedoms and rights as ascertained by the constitution of this country, America. Our economic and social future is squarely in their hands because our elected government has given them the keys to the American Dream.
Hold on, because all hell is about to break loose!

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