Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Corrupt government

Every thing, every asset they have, is being used to push this country into a new form of fascism. Our media, or at least most of it, is playing a very important part, by keeping the people stupid about the real facts. With out a fully captured media, they could not begin to pull this off, and they did not count on this internet thing that is allowing many Americans to get their information from sources other than the major media. The Saudi's, as an example, have got all of the money needed to buy our elected leaders, and many say they already have; and this is quite startling when you find out that Saudi involvement in 9/11 was covered up/made secret, by our elected leaders. The whole story around, and behind, 9/11 is right there in those still secret files, and they will keep them secret, or destroy the evidence, unless we demand the truth. We won't really have a government we can trust until we turn this stone over and find out what is living under it.

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    Kyle Boyer said...

    I need to find some time to read your blog man, i just discovered it.