Monday, March 11, 2013

The Ameerican Police surveillance state.

We live in a police, surveillance, state: and if you do not see this, what cave have you been sleeping in for the last one hundred years? Our congress, and our Supreme court, hell, all of our courts, and our President, are not the only groups who have been put under the control of those same wealthy criminals. Does anyone really think that the wealthy, and powerful,,criminals
who now own our government, lock, stock, and barrel, could have actually pulled off this incredible take over of our nation without the complicity, with out the help, of our men in Blue?, Had our police remained true to their democratic principles, we would all still be relatively safe in our homes, and living in a reasonable country, if not a reasonable world. They didn't! They sold us out, and that is why you see the atrocities happening to folks like Karen Brim! They couldn't use the army on us here at home, so they turned our police into a military force that could be used to make sure we obey the edicts of our new, wealthy, masters!

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