Sunday, February 17, 2013

It really is quite incredible, when you actually examine the paperwork, and peruse the FM 3-52 Airspace Control Document, and take the time to understand what it means from the point of view of those who wrote it, that it only takes an OK from our highest officials, because of what they might deem to be a disaster, to over turn all of our protections and thereby allow the military to jump in and rule us with an iron fist: even if it is, supposedly, for a short time. The Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Secretary of Defense, and the Attorney General, and the President, (maybe the president), a governor, a mayor or two, need only to agree, or just present false information, that civil authorities need that military backup and support, and it does not need to be just in case of some natural disaster: it could be because the president, or that high official, has decided, or been convinced by the military leader's themselves, or some group of wealthy businessmen, or the FBI, CIA, NSC, or many others, that certain groups opposing them, or us, are terrorists, or criminals, etc, (maybe not even criminals, but those they think will commit a criminal or terrorist act sometime in the future) and the military will automatically, in a totally preplanned, well thought out, paid for in advance, manner, come in and shoot, and destroy, us first and there will be no real, honest, questions asked later because they will say that the enemy was destroyed!..
I am talking about the military backing up the pigs, at a moments notice, because some rich group of Wall Street Bankster's feels threatened, or intimidated, by citizen's lawfully and peacefully protesting, and marching, and, in general, just making their wishes known in a democratic manner that those bankster's don't like!
Democracy is their Boogeyman!
Let's conduct a thought experiment, and posit that the Occupy Wall St. movement, in Zuccoti park, was a thousand times as large as it was...remember, this is just a thought experiment like Einstein used. Under those circumstances, even the vaunted, and well armored, New York pig department would have been unable to do anything to stop the protest. Considering the sheer size of the protest, and the high value monetary importance of the threatened Wall Street billionaires, just the Governor, the Mayor, and a few upper level officials, based upon complaints and fears from those same, local, ruling oligarch's, could bring the full wrath of the military down upon those protesters. They could have used drones, and missiles, the National Guard, and military style warfare, against protesters, because it had already been approved by the aforementioned 'High Officials' (who actually made the decision to call in the military in the first place) that civilian actions like this represent a military threat to the US. These decisions were probably made in collusion with those same oligarchs, in closed door meetings, in a confidential or secret white paper that no one probably saw but those involved!
We, the People, really do not have to do much more than act like we are going to take back our democracy, locally, and we can, and probably will, get the full force of the law, and if necessary, their military backups, to come down on us to protect the oligarch;s that pay them so well for exactly this kind of protection. It would seem that all democracy's must fall within the approved guidelines of the military that protects them or else they are doomed to become a victim of their own military's avarice and lust for dominance and ultimate power.
Now, the question I would like to ask you is this; is there much, if any, difference between the police mind and the military mind? Is it possible for you to see how it is very possible to see them both as the same mind set? So, the only thing you need do is slowly change the way that local police forces are run to the way that the military runs and the police won't really notice the difference; that difference between being a civil police force or a military one that obeys a different master. Are our police that easily fooled?
But the people will, we must hope, not be fooled in the long run! You must understand that the more the people bring this country back towards constitutional freedoms, and real democracy, the more those who have control of the steering wheel of this country, right now, are going to try to exert their control. They are the plutocrats, or the oligarchs, or just the powerful and wealthy, and they will not hesitate to use the force of repression, or the force of arms, against us, to keep their deathly tight grip on our country;s future.
It becomes very obvious that they have constructed a plan to take control of this country, and they are now carrying that plan forward. One could say that our powerful civilian leaders, in concert with the powerful military leaders, have constructed a plan to completely replace democratic government in case it fails to keep its commitment to the wealthy and powerful military, and civilian, oligarchs. “Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton
What more can anyone say than that but “ hang the traitors”!

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