Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can there ever be such a thing as a 'militarily controlled democracy? If it is even remotely possible, then folks, for all counts and purposes, it sure looks like we are headed there, and in a big hurry; if were not there already! What would it, a military controlled democracy, look like from our citizen's perspective? The definitions of some of our most important words, and phrases, would have to change; free would have to become 'approved by the military' as would 'a free press' and 'free speech' equal approval by military censorship tribunals. Our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, would become redefined to have the meanings necessary to keep the military, and its supporters, in power forever, and the citizen in perpetual bondage to that state of affairs! In many ways, if you substitute 'Police control', or 'military policy', for Public policy, and then look to see who is actually formulating that 'public policy' today, it would seem we are almost there now! And when you watch the protests, which those in power, the police and military, and the wealthy, call riots, you can clearly see that what was once our local police have become just an extension of, or just another part of, the military's overweening power. Our Police are being trained as the military, indoctrinated as the military; they are protected by, and backed up by the military, and provided with the latest in military weapons and equipment; and all this not to police a democratic nation and enforce the rules of democracy, but to enforce a military style of law that is being quickly approved by our corporate selected, monetarily elected, militarily effected, lobbyist hugging, representatives, senators, and administration...(did I mention Generals)!
Almost all of what is planned to do to the citizens is planned in secret, mainly, with the excuse that it is keeping the country safe from that 'other powerful nation or group of terrorists' that is so threatening that we must give up our constitutional rights, our most cherished freedoms (like our privacy, or protesting, gathering, and marching together), and our democracy, just to protect ourselves from it, or them; from the boogeyman! When the planning is done publicly, meaning we know it is happening, it is accompanied by so much rhetoric, and obfuscation, and secrecy, that it borders upon being just a pack of approved military/politico lies that always ends us up in another stupid war!
American democracy is becoming very much like the Israeli form of government, what ever that is, minus the religious controls but with all of the religious/political rhetoric. Our present day political leaders just love the Israeli government's governing style because the ability to use censorship of the press, rhetoric, lies, and deception, gives them so much power over a very powerful US citizenry that might, or probably would, oppose them in their heinous undertakings. The Israeli style of government is also well liked because it creates no ethical or moral dilemmas when it comes to the destruction, and imprisonment, and torture, of whole nations of women and children and old people! I call them undertakings because their main aim is to prepare a living democracy for its own death and burial! I call their undertakings heinous because they are treasonous, treacherous, unethical, immoral, and insane!
How about a 'heavily protected by the military' Democracy? Doesn't that sound kind of like what we have going on here in the good old USA today? How large the military's budget is (all of it,even the hidden part) and what it is used for, compared to those important institutions that make democracy even possible will show, without much doubt, just how intertwined with our freedoms our multi-trillion dollar a year military protections actually are, and what we are having to give up in the way of constitutional protections for this level of military protection that, in hind sight (9/11) turns out to be not much protection at all. And again, once the military gets so large, just exactly how do you tell this super paranoid, super nuclear, powerhouse to stand down with the preparations for war all of the time? They have become more powerful than the government! Who tells who what now a days? The military's want to assume more and more power and control; and by the way, these types of actions do not promote strong democratic principles or even help to build a strong economy!
Democratic nations cannot use these military style governments to protect themselves without losing their democracy to that powerful military, so they must use their own people, in a democratically chosen manner, to protect them when they are attacked from without, or from within. We called that the 'Draft'! When a democracy develops a private, powerful, military it must eventually place its civilian leaders under the wing of the military's protection, thereby subordinating democracy, and the rule of law, to military power and military law. It is an algorithm that works just like multiplication, or subtraction, or division! Human nature, and stupidity, allows it to work while a developed sense of social intelligence within the population will stop it cold, and dead, in its tracks. Only a free and uncensored media will allow a developed sense of citizen social intelligence to flower into democracy. Democracy's cannot control mercenary army's!
When the military becomes too powerful back home, the protection of its power, and getting finances for its weaponry and personnel become more important than the democracy's existence and it becomes a military/police state. Eventually, that powerful military will exert needed force at home to make sure that the citizens comply, and know what is good for them! This is the point where the military leaders become ready to use their military power to make sure they stay in power, and increase their power.
This is about where we, in the USA, are today in relation to our political leaders, our police, and our very powerful military. It, the military/police philosophy, has a grip, because it is so powerfully based on fear, so that it works just like strong Mafia control! Democracy cannot exist under these constraints, not even for a little while! It becomes, in the worst ways, a 'do as you are told' type of 'petty' police state that pathetically wails its call of fake democracy over and over again with its own filthy bull horn and those ever present weapons of war pointed at you and your children! This' calling itself a democracy' game becomes the basis for every form of heinous activity that you cannot even imagine. Those in power will resort to the worst types of actions, empowered by secrecy, too hold onto and consolidate even more power and wealth. The political and social tools most often used in a democratic situation are discarded and assassination of one's opponents, and enemies, and large parts of civil society, become the norm for those in power to use.
Interestingly enough, our prisons and jails are already filled, to the point of having to build more, with political dissidents, political protesters  political activists, simple drug users, journalists, and whistle blowers, but to name a few. These incarcerated are the outspoken ones who were not afraid to speak power to power in the sleeping American people's name!
Are the American people asleep, or have they been hypnotized, mesmerized, and basically beaten to a pulp by the private economic/corporate/military powers running out of control thanks to their governments giving up of its powers to the wealthy and powerful who run industry and the military? It is a mouthful, but read through it again, and see if you can improve it. Thank you.

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